Under the Bed Exploration

February 1, 2015 at 1:52 pm | Posted in rabbit | Leave a comment
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charlie bed



After cleaning my room last week I must have shifted some of the containers under my bed. Apparently Charlie discovered this and decided to take advantage of my negligence and have some sneaky fun. The next day when I knelt down by the litter box to clean it, Charlie popped out from under the bed. What!? I had just seen him in the room a 10 or so minutes ago, but he seized the opportunity and sneaked under the bed. He’s always wanted to do this, hence the containers blocking it, but it’s dark and possibly dangerous under the bed. I don’t know how sharp my frame is and how easily he can actually move around under there so needless to say I plugged up his entry hole after he came out.

Throughout the day he kept digging at blankets and even moving the giant tunnel that runs alongside my bed, trying to get under. Just when I thought he’d given up and would stop the digging I took out my camera to take some cute photos. Then, SURPRISE! He squeezed under again! Crazy rabbit. I made some more adjustments when he came back out and now (I think) he’s locked out for good. Bella was glad she wasn’t the one being scolded for once. Fortunately she’s too big to fit under (I also think).

Downstairs the bunnies are behaving a little less mischievously. Whenever we clean the litter box, Butterscotch and Hershey always want to supervise, so we try and distract them to keep them out of the way. Lately, they’ve been climbing into the hay bag left on the floor. They’ll dig in there for up to half an hour before finally taking a drink and stretching out for a nap. It’s not too messy, and they’re just so adorable in there!


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