Binky’s Laptop Now

February 15, 2015 at 3:22 pm | Posted in rabbit | 2 Comments
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Last night I opened up my laptop for only a few minutes before Binky decided that he needed to use it. He jumped right up onto the keyboard, clicking a few keys in the process. He looked around for a little while before jumping off. I think he was more interested in the height than the actual laptop, but it’s still funny to watch. Granted, the laptop was on top of his carrier, so he sort of had the right to go up there. I was really just “renting the roof” from him.

Binky and my boys have only been napping where they can see each other. They lie next to the fence and out in the open where they can get a good view. Usually I like to give rabbits plenty of cover to sleep under. The boys certainly have areas they can go in their pen, but Binky is a jumper so he only has his carrier and the end table. That doesn’t seem to bother him as I’ve never seen him sleeping anywhere but right out in the open. Some rabbits don’t mind that and I’m glad he feels comfortable enough to do that here.



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  1. We remember he was fascinated with your laptop last time too! maybe he needs to ask for one from Santa

  2. That’s right! So many buns have played with it I forget which ones have. Fortunately no one has done any damage yet!

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