Leo the Lion(head)

March 11, 2015 at 1:53 pm | Posted in rabbit | Leave a comment
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Little Leonidas arrived for a visit last night. Another cute lionhead mix! He jumped up onto the couch and stayed there most of evening. I don’t often see a bun who loves the couch that much! He mostly slept all loafed up in the corner and let me pet him. My brother came down to say hello to him later, and he suddenly sprung into action. He was running across the couch, jumping down, then back up with a little “warning thump” to make room for him. He also licked his socks. They might have smelled like my Bella upstairs, but I can’t think of any other reason.

He did try and walk across the back of the couch, which is a little dangerous, so I fenced off the couch at night to prevent any escape attempts. He didn’t seem too bothered about losing his big cushy throne, but we’ll see how quickly he returns to reclaim his spot when he has couch access again today.

My boys, Butterscotch and Hershey, were very curious about the new visitor, but couldn’t really see him since he was up on the couch. Easy to fix, they just jumped up onto a chair at the other end of the living room. Hershey is the most interested and made sure to greet him at the pen window when he did come back down the floor later.



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