Wild Furry Boys and Girls

March 16, 2015 at 2:18 pm | Posted in rabbit | 2 Comments
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Leonidas and Hershey have done just about everything that they can to get a better peek at one another. When I moved some cardboard to get some light, there were just two fences between them. They snuck their noses through and had a good sniff. Then Hershey has to let out a few grunts. It’s like he’s got a little motor in him. On other places where the cardboard isn’t as high they’ve stood up and stuck their paws through, trying to swat at each other. I put a stop to that, but they didn’t really make any progress. I’m sure Hershey will miss him when he goes home.

Upstairs, my Bella was doing her rounds again last night. The carrier was out of its spot under the mini fridge, so of course Bella had to investigate. And then my humidifier was drying out in the bathroom and she went to in there to check that out. Charlie always sits outside the bathroom door when she’s in there. He’s kinda of like an opposite lookout, ready to tattle on her to anyone who comes by. Later Bella came flying from the far side of the bed as if she’d seen a ghost. My funny girl, always entertaining!



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  1. Leonidas is back to his speedbump position in front of the bookcase. He is exploring the couch looking for his new friends but won’t stay to let me pet him. I think he misses being at kamp Kronenberg. Thanks so much for taking the best care and entertaining him . I know he can’t wait to go back

    • Aw! My boys miss him too. He’s welcome back anytime!

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