Couch Follies

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“Sweetie Bun”

My brother spent some time with Misty last night, and as soon as he sat down on the couch, she jumped up with him. Little girl sure is friendly! She doesn’t seem to mind who’s up there, she’ll just jump on up and hop around whomever is sitting down. She hasn’t tried to escape via the couch yet, she’s content to just hop around on the cushions, which is always good.

I accidentally spooked Sweetie Bun when I came down to check on her last night. She has cardboard surrounding her pen so she can’t jump out, but it hampers visibility. We call it her cardboard cave. So when I come into the living room, the other rabbits can see me, but she can’t, and last night she was munching away in the litter box when I “suddenly” appeared. She jumped out and the noise of her exiting the box spooked Misty who then started thumping. Then Butters thumped. I got them to calm down, but boy was I sorry I went down to check on them!

You Stay on Your Side!

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I got have a nice snuggle with all the visitors yesterday, but made sure to gave pets to my four babies too.

We put a towel in Sweetie Bun’s pen for her to chew on, and Rusty stole it! He pulled most of it through his fence and into his pen. I don’t think Sweetie minded, but boy is little Rusty strong. He got into other cute shenanigans too. Yesterday he was in his litter box digging a little hay tunnel.

Sweetie and Misty got a little feisty with us in the morning. I think they’re not thrilled they have to share the room with three other rabbits. Rabbits are very territorial and don’t like other buns encroaching on “their” turf. It took about a year for my Charlie and Bella to get used to rabbits coming and going downstairs before they stopped caring about it. Fortunately my Hershey and Butterscotch seem to like having visiting rabbits, so they’re not too upset about having to give up “their” living room for them.

Say Hello to the Bunnies!

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“Sweetie Bun”

Rusty is the new greeter at Kamp Kronenberg. His pen is right at the front of the living room. He’s the first bun you see when traveling through the house and even the front door. We had someone knock on the door last night and Rusty came over to look outside. He’s just like a (very) little dog. Continuing in that theme, he was sniffing my shoes like crazy. They must have smelled like all the other bus here. He even tried to eat one through the fence. I made sure not to leave them that close again.

When I was with Sweetie Bun, she did a bunny flop and flopped right into me. Aww! Rabbits don’t usually do that to me. I certainly don’t mind being a pillow. When she’s not sleeping, Sweetie seems to have boundless energy. Last night she stayed up late chewing on cardboard and towels.

Misty sat on couch with my mom and let her pet her for a bit. She came up with me as well, but was more interested in running around up there and looking at the other bunnies.

At bedtime last night, my Charlie and Bella came out in the hall to look downstairs. Rusty is right at the bottom of the stairs so they all had a great view of each other!

Full House (Rabbit Edition)

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“Sweetie Bun”



Misty bunny arrived yesterday afternoon, and Rusty this morning. Everyone is settling in nicely. Misty is happy to see my boys again. She spends a lot of the day laying along the fence where she can be as close to Hershey and Butterscotch as possible. It’s adorable. She also came up on the couch with me for a while last night. She doesn’t stay long, it’s just short bursts, but I’m able to get a couple of pets in.

Sweetie didn’t seem to care that Misty had come, we’ll have to see what she thinks of Rusty. It would make sense if she’s more partial to boys. She had some more fun redecorating yesterday. She was tossing her little purple ball around like a puppy. She really does have a “sleep mode” from about 11am to 6pm. Then her “on switch” flicks on and she comes to life!

Bunny Decorator for Hire

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“Sweetie Bun”

“Hershey & Butterscotch”

Sweetie bun is a very energetic girl. When she wakes up from her afternoon nap, she likes to do some redecorating in her pen. She tosses her bed around in circles until she gets it where she likes it, buzzing all the while. It’s adorable.

Sweetie and my boys will be getting a new roommate today. Lil Misty is coming for an extended stay. I’m sure the boys will be glad to see her, and even more happy to have two girls on their floor. You’d think that would mean one girl per boy, but Hershey says they’re both his. Some bunnies never learn to share.

It’s Snugglin’ Time!

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“Sweetie Bun”

Sweetie Bun makes this little buzzing noise when she’s not getting what she wants. It’s like I’m sitting in a pen with a giant black and white bee. She really likes snuggling though. She’s such a cuddle bunny. She even licked my knee a few times. So affectionate! She always comes over to the fence when someone walks by and we just have to give her a little head rub. She’s already got us wrapped around her little paw.

My Butterscotch jumped up on the couch to see her. He’s the resourceful one. Later when I was laying on the couch and he came up with me. He’s never done that before. I guess girl bunnies can be powerful motivators!

Snuggle Bunny Comes With Built-In Pillow

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“Sweetie Bun”

My little Hershey tried to get through the cardboard to see our new visitor yesterday, so I took some extra precautions. What does it say when I have to be more concerned with one of my rabbits getting IN to a pen than a visitor rabbit getting OUT? I’d like to see him chew through the plastic I put up, but knowing him, given enough time, he’d find a way!

I had a few long petting sessions with Sweetie Bun last night. She purred, snuggled into her dewlap and went right to sleep. Whenever I was in her pen, she spent most of the time right near me. She’s a very cuddly bunny! Then around 8pm she started doing little runs around the pen and many binkys. I’m glad she was having such a good time! She doesn’t seem to mind my boys. I’m going to open up a plastic window today so they can go nearly nose-to-nose for the first time. I’m sure she’s curious about who’s out there.

Greeting the New Girl

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“Sweetie Bun”


Sweetie Bun the chinchilla lop arrived this morning. She’s adjusting pretty well so far. She explored all of her pen, ate some hay and pellets and said “hello” to my boys. Butterscotch and Hershey were happy to meet her. Hershey had a little “chat” with her through the fence for a little while. I hope he said nice things! She’s got a water bottle and bowl of water and I saw her take a drink from the bottle and then go get one from the bowl too. I guess she’s doing a taste test?  Eventually she settled down in the back and took a nap.

Yesterday Butterscotch did something new. He hopped up to the tippy-top of the sofa and looked out the window. I think he must have liked what he saw because he sat up there for a few minutes. Our street isn’t very busy, so there’s not much to look at, but we do have a grassy lawn. “Looks delicious!”

Sleepover With a Girl!

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Misty came over for a sleepover with the boys last night. She’ll be back next for a longer stay, and Hershey’s already in love with her. We played all the classic rabbit sleepover games like: sniff each other at the fence, run around the room together, eat while I watch you eat, and take a nap several feet apart. It was a blast! Misty even came up with me on the couch a few times. She’s such a soft little girl.


Weigh and a Nail-Clip

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“Charlie & Bella”

We clipped Charlie’s nails today and weighed him while we were at it. His weight is holding steady, so he’s not gaining any from Bella’s pellets. She, on the other hand, did gain a couple of ounces in the last couple weeks. Way to go girl! Charlie was very well behaved at the clipping, as usual, but got a bunch of raisins in the process so that’s kind of to be expected.

Butterscotch has started taking after his big brother Charlie and weeing on newspaper outside of his litter box. He uses the box as a plate, just like Charlie. I even saw him today put the front half of his body in the box so he could eat hay, but kept his bottom firmly planted outside the box. I don’t know why he’s started doing that, but we’ll have to put a stop to it. He’s been a bit more skittish lately, abandoning his pellets unless his brother Hershey is right beside him. Maybe he’s afraid to go in the box completely in case he suddenly needs to flee for some reason? I wish I could see into his bunny head.

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