Say Hello to the Bunnies!

April 28, 2015 at 3:18 pm | Posted in rabbit | Leave a comment
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“Sweetie Bun”

Rusty is the new greeter at Kamp Kronenberg. His pen is right at the front of the living room. He’s the first bun you see when traveling through the house and even the front door. We had someone knock on the door last night and Rusty came over to look outside. He’s just like a (very) little dog. Continuing in that theme, he was sniffing my shoes like crazy. They must have smelled like all the other bus here. He even tried to eat one through the fence. I made sure not to leave them that close again.

When I was with Sweetie Bun, she did a bunny flop and flopped right into me. Aww! Rabbits don’t usually do that to me. I certainly don’t mind being a pillow. When she’s not sleeping, Sweetie seems to have boundless energy. Last night she stayed up late chewing on cardboard and towels.

Misty sat on couch with my mom and let her pet her for a bit. She came up with me as well, but was more interested in running around up there and looking at the other bunnies.

At bedtime last night, my Charlie and Bella came out in the hall to look downstairs. Rusty is right at the bottom of the stairs so they all had a great view of each other!


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