Bottle Service and Fruit Boredom

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The ultimate in bunny convenience: bottle service. No need to get up when you’re feeling parched, simply tilt your head skyward and take a sip! Misty must have been feeling particularly comfortable last night because she didn’t even sit up to take a drink. Must be nice!

Lately my Bella hasn’t been wanting to eat her banana vitamins or even finish an entire slice. I guess she’s gotten tired of it, that happens with buns and their food sometimes. She still had to get the glucosamine for her arthritis though, so I switched to a different fruit. Now she’s getting glucosamine coated raisins and she gobbles them down.

Looking for an Escape

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“Misty, Hershey & Butterscotch”

Misty made a few escape attempts last night. I was sitting on the couch with her and she tried to sneak past the cardboard on one end. Then she jumped on top of a barrier pillow on the other end. I was there so I just picked her up and put her down next to me. And that is why I don’t let her have the couch unsupervised. Bunnies will always push their boundaries when given the chance.

My Lil’ Thumpers

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My boys have been a-thumping. For a few days now there’s been construction on a house down our block which was recently moved into. They must start around 8am because yesterday and this morning, Charlie woke me up around then thumping. Once I went over to him he calmed down, but it’s never nice to wake up to a rabbit thump. Butterscotch had 3 thumping fits last night. Misty thumped a little during the first one. I don’t think there was still construction going on that late, but he heard something that he didn’t like. Poor bunnies. It always takes him longer than any bun to calm down.

Anybody Want a Snuggle?

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”

Last night I attempted to snuggle with Hershey and Butterscotch on the floor. I lay down and then started petting. Hershey backed off, and Butters only lasted a couple of minutes before he got up and ran into the living room near Misty. I guess they’d rather snuggle with her than me. What has she got that I don’t got? Fur? My boys have never been big on snuggling with me. My Charlie and Bella are much better about it. Charlie will settle down for a pet no matter where he is, and I had about a 20 minute petting session with Bella last night.

Blanket Fort

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Misty took a nap under her blanket during dinner. She didn’t come out for her carrot, so I brought it to her and that was enough of an incentive to venture out of her cozy fort. I don’t know what she does under there, but she keeps nudging at my feet to let her pass. I’d post a picture, but it just looks like a lump under the blanket. Could be a rabbit, could be a roll in the fabric. Of course, when it starts moving the possibilities narrow a little.

Hydrated Bunnies

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“Butterscotch & Misty”

My boys are happy to have half of the living room back. Last night Hershey spent a long time running laps around the room and even went through the kitchen a few times. He’s pretty active for a little guy with a bit of chunk on him. He can jump and make quick turns like a skinny bunny. I guess he wants to make sure he keeps getting his treats!

Misty seems happier with just the boys now. She’ll run over to the fence to greet both of them. Her favorite place to sleep has always been right under her water bottle. Every morning when I get her fresh water, it drips on her when I take it away. She never seems to mind a few drops of water on her back. I know a few rabbits who would be greatly disturbed by such an egregious offense on my part.

See Ya Later Girl!

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Finola went home this morning, so now we’re down a house of just 5 rabbits again. I got to pet Finola a few times last night and she purred for me. I also tried to groom her a little, but she wasn’t having that. Pets are just fine with me! She’s definitely one of the more gentle buns, as the larger ones tend to be.

Misty seemed a little sad to see her go, but I’m sure will be happy to have more space in the living room back. She also seemed a little more territorial, perhaps because Finola was another female. She doesn’t seem to mind my boys. Guess she doesn’t like competition!


Climbing Humans

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I was eating some rice cakes last night, and when I opened up the package, they all went flying. That wouldn’t be so bad, but I was in Finola’s pen at the time. A couple of them rolled across her pen, and one went right through the fence to the outside! I don’t think I could recreate that if I tried! Fortunately I grabbed them all before Finola took a bite, I don’t think rice cakes are good for rabbits. She didn’t agree with me though, and kept trying to climb into my lap to snag some.

My brother hung out on Misty’s couch yesterday for a while and she thought he was the best toy ever. She jumped all over him and used him to climb up onto the back of the couch. She never actually escaped, but I think she was trying, and using my brother as an unwilling accomplice!

Finola Added to the Mix

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Big Finola arrived at our house last night. Misty was very interested in her. She’s been sniffing at the fence trying to get a glimpse of her through the windows of plastic between their pens. Sometimes Finola comes over, other times she keeps her distance. Misty rattled the fence a little to get her attention, but I don’t think it worked. Instead of rousing Finola, she just flopped up against the fence and went to sleep! Misty seems much more interested in her than she was in my boys, although perhaps she is just used to them by now and Finola is something new to entertain her.

Bunny Footsteps

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“Hershey & Misty”

Yesterday evening, Hershey decided to run through the kitchen to go all the way around from the dining room to the living room. Now he’s a Mini Rex with short fur so his nails stick out a bit more and make a little more noise on hard floors. When he took off last night, Misty heard him going *click* *clack* *click* *clack* through the kitchen and she perked up her ears and stood right up. I told her it was just Hershey, and nothing to worry about, but then she thumped. Once Hershey appeared at the entrance to the dining room she was okay. I’m sure he was “proud” that he was able to instill “fear” into another rabbit. He’s always trying to be a such big scary bunny, but it’s tough when you’re smaller than everyone else.

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