Being a Good Bun-Mate

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Station is getting a new roommate today. She’s a girl, so I’m sure she’ll be popular downstairs. My boys are going to be losing their living room, but at least it’s for a girl.

My Charlie has had a rough time, watching his mate Bella get all kids of treats and being hand fed. We’re trying to get her eating, and better but of course he doesn’t understand that. He’s been a very good boy though, even though he manages to sneak a couple more treats than he should be. When I give Bella something he seems to be content with just getting some pets from me. He snuggles down and if I can keep him distracted, he doesn’t go for her food. Thank you, Charlie!

Silky Snoozer

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”

I cleaned the little crust out of the corner of Station’s eyes today. He lay right down and snuggled while I did it. What a sweetie! I pet him afterwards for a while and he purred. He’s got such long, beautiful silky fur too. Very nice for petting. Later in the evening he was napping and he started snoring a little. It was just as cute as when my Charlie does it. Little pigeon noises.

Fidgety and Friendly

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We clipped Butterscotch’s nails yesterday. Per Station’s mommy’s suggestion, I used a flashlight to help me find the quick on his nails. They’re mostly light colored, but have some dark spots, and the flashlight definitely helped. He’s such a fidgeter I need all the help I can get.

Later in the evening Butters had stopped sulking and came out in the living room to see Station. He even hopped up onto the couch to get a better look at him.

Station did a few little runs in the morning. It’s nice to see an advanced bun still moving around. He’s certainly having a good time here! Whenever he moves around the pen, my Hershey is right there, checking him out. “I”m watching you, always watching!”

Snuggle Station

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My Hershey keeps making rounds along Station’s pen last night and this morning. He was a little aggressive with Butterscotch, but he usually is like that for a day when a new rabbit comes. Nothing seems to bother Station though. He’s a mellow dude and a real good snuggler for petting.

He’s eaten all the greens I’ve put down before him, and gobbles down his join support tablets like they’re candy. I wish I could get my Bella to eat them! We had a couple of fireworks set off near us last night, but Station is at the age where he can’t really hear them anyway. I wish some of my bun’s hearing would diminish. They pick up everything with those little satellite dishes on their heads.


Station, Now Arriving

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Sweet Station arrived this morning for a couple week vacation with us. He’s an “advanced” bun, at 10 years young so he gets unlimited food. I know my boys are jealous already. As soon as I made a permeter pen and opened up their gate, Hershey burst into the living room and tried to get a better look at the new visitor. Station is a pretty mellow guy so I don’t think he cares about Hershey’s scrutinization.

Tufts of Fur and Vibrating Feet

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”


Butterscotch and Hershey are both shedding quite a bit. They’re looking pretty shaggy. Butters looks like a mad scientist with his unkempt fur.

I’ve noticed a certain difference in authority with Hershey. When my mom tells him to stop eating Butters’ pellets, he stops. When I do it, he just barges on over and keeps chowing down. Huh? So she’s the alpha bun—what am I then? Just the maid?

We’re on the last leg of Bella’s antibiotic. I don’t know who will be the happiest when it’s through. The girl still knows how to relax though. She plops her head down on the floor and stretches her feet out till she’s comfy. Often when she stretches her leg, it rattles up against something, and my brother says her feet are “on vibrate.”

Cherry Flavored Dandelions

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My Bella had a recheck at the vet this week and it seems like whatever was in her lungs is getting smaller, so hopefully it was just an infection. We still have to give her the antibiotic for another 2 weeks (!) which she, and we, are NOT happy about. It’s cherry flavored (yes I tasted it, and it’s not the first rabbit med I’ve tasted) so you’d think she would gulp it down, but no. She doesn’t like being picked up every day, but I don’t think she hates us for it.

I’ve started giving her fresh dandelions from the yard, and she always gobbles those down. I just have to keep them away from her mate Charlie since he can’t have them for the calcium. I think she missed those when I took them out of their food, so she gets them sneaked to her now. Wish I could just let her run around in the yard and munch on all she wanted.

We got some fresh timothy hay that came from Canada and boy do all the bunnies love it. Charlie and Bella are spending more time in the litter box to munch on it, and Hershey and Butterscotch are snatching it up like it’s a treat. There’s some clover in it, but not a lot. I guess it’s just very tasty!

Scares and Sleepy Snuggles

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“Butterscotch & Budgie”


Butterscotch came over to the fence and Budgie ran away scared. “He looks like me, ah!” Then right before bedtime Hershey sneaked out through the kitchen and before I knew it he was hopping through the living room. He hopped right past Snoopy who didn’t move from the middle of his pen. Budgie took one look at him and ran over to me. “That little one is getting too close!”

I had nice snuggle with Budgie on the couch. I started petting him and he lay down and went to sleep for about 10 minutes. It was so nice. I love couch bunnies. Snoopy fell asleep in his litter box for a while last night. I’ve seen rabbits do it occasionally, and it’s always adorable.

Two Friendly Furries

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Budgie has been sniffing my slipper like crazy and licking my foot. He also licks my arm when I pet him. What a sweetie! He hasn’t come up on the couch with me yet, but he did jump up there with my mom and gave her a few licks too. The first evening Budgie was here, he drank all of the water in his bowl. I thought he had spilled it, but the floor was bone dry, so he got an upgrade to a bigger bowl. It’s almost dog sized, but I guess he is a very thirsty boy!

I thought his brother Snoopy would spend most of his time hiding under my couch, but he stays out snuggling with his brother most of the day. Maybe he’s keeping an eye on my boys in the dining room too. I know my Hershey is keeping an eye on them!

Another Pair of Bunny Brothers

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“Snoopy & Budgie

Bunny brothers Snoopy and Budgie arrived yesterday afternoon! Annie doesn’t care very much about all the boys in the house. She just likes lounging under a cardboard box. She even pulled her pellet dish next to her so she didn’t have to get up to eat.

Snoopy is much more active and friendly than his last visit here. He spends a lot of time at the fence with his brother. Budgie has been all over the couch and did lots of runs. Both boys keep going over to the fence to see my boys. Budgie and Butterscotch look a lot alike so it’s cute to see them together. Budgie is a thumper like Butters too.

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