Clipping Bottles and Nails

June 1, 2015 at 12:00 pm | Posted in rabbit | Leave a comment
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It was a hot one again yesterday, so I gave Misty a frozen water bottle to snuggle with. She’s the only bun in the house who doesn’t run away from it. After a few hours it starts to defrost and gets a little squishy. Misty decided that was a good time to chew on it. Fortunately I saw her (heard her) and re-wrapped the bottle. She didn’t do it again, but boy I’d hate to have her chew through it and all the water spill out onto the floor. Talk about a wet spot!

We clipped Hershey’s nails yesterday. He’s got short Rex fur, so the nails always look long compared to other buns. They’re dark though, so I’m always nervous cutting them as I can’t see where the blood quick line is. Thank goodness he’s so well behaved about it though. He’s a retired show bunny and is used to being handled so he’s probably the best behaved at clipping time. His little brother….takes 3 people to do it.

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