Invasion of the Giant Rabbits

July 26, 2015 at 1:19 pm | Posted in rabbit | Leave a comment
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Two big bunnies arrived at your house yesterday. Jasper seems to be the biggest bunny I’ve ever had at my house. In fact the only larger rabbits I’ve ever seen were the Flemish Giants at the zoo. I simply adore big buns, and I just wanna cuddle with him! He’s still getting to know me, but he did let me give his head a good rub last night. He’d certainly make for interesting couch-bunny. He’d take up half the couch!

Jasper also likes to sleep in the litter box. He spent most of the day lounging in there yesterday, but did vacate it for a bit so I could clean it last night. He really knows how to relax! Molly likes sleeping under the coffee table and came over to sniff my feet few times. I don’t think she really trusts me yet, but I did get a head-pet in.

When the TV came on for the first time in the evening, both buns sat up and looked at it. Then they continued to watch the screen for a while. I guess they like TV! My Charlie used to lay down in front of the TV, but now that they’re all flat screens, I don’t think the angle from the floor is very good viewing. Maybe Jasper and Molly are big enough that they can see it better. Either way, it’s adorable!


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