Table Spots

August 16, 2015 at 2:30 pm | Posted in rabbit | Leave a comment
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Glenda came over a few times for petting so far. Finola is a bit more shy. She comes over to check me out, but scoots away after I start petting her. “I don’t know you that well!” That’s okay! Glenda likes sleeping under the end table we have in the middle of her pen. A lot of buns pick that as their nap spot.

Finola is also sleeping under a table: the coffee table. I always try and give rabbits plenty of cover to sleep under. Finola also likes to lay by her gate where she’s right next to my boys. She’s shy with me, but not so much with my bunnies!

We clipped my Hershey’s nails this morning. He’s so good about being clipped. He has dark nails which are very tough for me to clip safely, but he’s so well behaved that it goes pretty smoothly. I’m relieved that his much more antsy siblings have light colored nails!



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