Piper Gets Comfy

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Matilda the sweet little lop arrived yesterday for a 2 week stay with us. She is very interested in my Hershey and he’s interested in her too. They spent a lot of time saying hello at the window between their pens. She’s a girl who loves her petting! She settled in pretty quickly with us, and even did bunny runs in the evening.

Bonding is going very well for my Piper and Charlie. Yesterday she put her head down flat like a pancake in front of him and he groomed her right away. She even turned her head so he could lick her eyes. In the bunny world, that’s giving kisses!  I don’t think he’s ready to let her groom him yet, but he took a while to get used to Bella doing that too.

Charlie certainly seems to be happier and is even using the litter box more, as opposed to the floor just outside the litter box. He periscoping more himself too and alternates between laying at the fence next to Piper all day and next to me under my desk.

Piper is definitely very active, but so far hasn’t done anything too bad. She rattled the fence last night when she smelled the banana in Charlie’s vitamin (where’s mine?!?!) so I gave her a slice which she ate in one big bite! She periscopes everywhere and jumped onto a little table that I had to take away because she was trying to get a the garbage. Now she’s got a lower cardboard box which she also jumps on, but is safer. I woke up to her doing bunny runs in the morning. It certainly seems like she’s enjoying herself here!


Welcome My New Girl: Piper!

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“Piper & Charlie”

Yesterday, I brought my Charlie over to Long Island Rabbit Rescue’s base of operations to see if he could find a new girl he liked. We decided to try a big New Zealand White bun named Piper and she and Charlie really hit it off. She’s under a year so she’s very spry and energetic, which is a little surprising to my 7-year-old Charlie, but he likes her. They were sitting together for their adoption photo and even started to groom each other. Aw! Bunny love!

When we first brought her home, Charlie went to another room so she got to explore her pen without worrying about him. A few hours later, I brought Charlie into the room and he went right over to the fences between their pens. “Oh! You brought her home and she’s in here? Why didn’t you tell me sooner!” Piper ran over too and they spent a lot of time sniffing at each other and eventually laying down next to each other through the fences.

Later Piper did some bunny runs and boy is she fast. She’s about 3 times the size of Charlie and my two other boys, so when she runs it makes a lot of noise. She did 3 running tours and after each one would flop down against the fence. She never stayed in one place for very long though.

I was a little concerned that she might make noises and keep me up during the night, since their pens are in my bedroom, but she was a very good girl. She thumped once when my dad came in to feed her, but it was dark and she’ll get used to that. I brought her into another bedroom to have a bit more room to run around and explore for a little while this morning. She loved that too. This girl just loves everything!

She’s also a fantastic eater, but is always eyeing the food that Charlie has left. He seems to have a better appetite since she arrived too. Maybe he likes eating with her, or he’s burning more calories. Right now Piper’s dead-bunny-flopped in the corner of the room, fast asleep. Charlie is loafed up under my desk. I think they spent the whole night at the fence together, so I guess they each need a little break!

Boxes and Daleks

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 We watched a new Doctor Who together last night. When Rusty was here last year we watched an episode with a Dalek named Rusty. The Daleks were back in the episode but the only Rusty in the room was the little furry guy at my feet.

I swapped the cardboard box Rusty was sleeping under for another one, and he loved this one even more. He hopped up on top of starting ripping away. There’s not quite a hole in it yet, but he’s certainly going at it!

Rusty Roundup

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“Rusty & Hershey”

Rusty did his runs again last night and was hopping all over the couch. He jumped up on the back and even almost crawled into my lap. Later he nibbled on my feet a little. Good thing I was wearing slippers!

Runnin’ Boys

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Rusty arrived today for a weekend visit. My Hershey puffed his chest up at him, but they should be used to each other by now. Rusty’s a frequent guest here but I guess Hershey will always stand his ground.

I cleaned up my room and moved some furniture around in preparation for Charlie’s new future roommate. Charlie seems to like the changes so much I heard him doing bunny runs at 6:30 in the morning. I hope he’ll be as happy about having a new girl in the room with him. Knowing Charlie, probably.

A Furry Welcome Home

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I just got home from a week at Disneyland but I’m so happy to be back with my boys! I know my Charlie missed me, not so sure Butterscotch and Hershey even knew I was gone! They tend to keep to themselves more though. When I came down to the kitchen for a late dinner they expected me to feed them again. “If you’re eating, we could eat again!”

Charlie let me pet him right away. He perked his ears up as soon as he heard my voice. I know Charlie was happy to see me since he’s not a big fan of my mom and she was the one watching him. He had a day of runny poops during the week and was only allowed hay for 24 hours. My mom was sure he’d think that she forgot to feed him and get mad at her. I don’t think he was any more upset with her than usual.

When I came to greet the boys downstairs, Butters ran away, and Hershey was a little wary. “Where you been all week?” While I was gone, Butters spent his time hanging out up on furniture. It’s not like I discourage that when I’m home so I don’t know why he was such a couch-potato bunny last week. He even ate his pellets up on a chair!

Kronenbuns at Kamp

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”

There will be a little break here at Kamp Kronenberg, while I get to go on a little vacation. My buns will be still be enjoying Kamp though while I’m away as my mom watches them. Be good my boys! I’ll see you soon!

Rabbit Manicure?

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Last night Rusty didn’t like me clipping my nails. At least he wasn’t the one being clipped! I wonder if he thought he was next! You want some polish too, little guy? He’s heading home today and I’m sure my Butterscotch and Hershey will miss the “entertainment”.

Rusty Express

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Rusty does his little bunny runs every evening at around 8:30. It’s cute. He doesn’t do it for very long, but just long enough for you to notice that the Rusty Express is comin’ round the bend!

Butt Sniffin’

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“Hershey & Rusty”

So far all the boys are still behaving. Hershey was nice to Rusty and his brother, except for the one time that Butterscotch sniffed at his butt. I don’t blame him for grunting at him for that. I’m not a big fan of bunnies sniffing my butt either, but I imagine they get the raw end of that deal!

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