Welcome My New Girl: Piper!

September 28, 2015 at 2:34 pm | Posted in rabbit | Leave a comment
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“Piper & Charlie”

Yesterday, I brought my Charlie over to Long Island Rabbit Rescue’s base of operations to see if he could find a new girl he liked. We decided to try a big New Zealand White bun named Piper and she and Charlie really hit it off. She’s under a year so she’s very spry and energetic, which is a little surprising to my 7-year-old Charlie, but he likes her. They were sitting together for their adoption photo and even started to groom each other. Aw! Bunny love!

When we first brought her home, Charlie went to another room so she got to explore her pen without worrying about him. A few hours later, I brought Charlie into the room and he went right over to the fences between their pens. “Oh! You brought her home and she’s in here? Why didn’t you tell me sooner!” Piper ran over too and they spent a lot of time sniffing at each other and eventually laying down next to each other through the fences.

Later Piper did some bunny runs and boy is she fast. She’s about 3 times the size of Charlie and my two other boys, so when she runs it makes a lot of noise. She did 3 running tours and after each one would flop down against the fence. She never stayed in one place for very long though.

I was a little concerned that she might make noises and keep me up during the night, since their pens are in my bedroom, but she was a very good girl. She thumped once when my dad came in to feed her, but it was dark and she’ll get used to that. I brought her into another bedroom to have a bit more room to run around and explore for a little while this morning. She loved that too. This girl just loves everything!

She’s also a fantastic eater, but is always eyeing the food that Charlie has left. He seems to have a better appetite since she arrived too. Maybe he likes eating with her, or he’s burning more calories. Right now Piper’s dead-bunny-flopped in the corner of the room, fast asleep. Charlie is loafed up under my desk. I think they spent the whole night at the fence together, so I guess they each need a little break!


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