A Fluffy Date

December 10, 2015 at 9:39 pm | Posted in rabbit | Leave a comment
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“Piper & Charlie”


We took my little Charlie to the vet this week since he tends to get bladder sludge. The vet was able to just express the sludge out right there, much to his dismay. We had him flushed last spring, but he had a tough time recovering, so this is ultimately better for everyone. He’ll need to get that done every few months, but it’s worth it. He was mad at me, but he’s pretty quick to forgive. I had a tough time getting him in the carrier the next day though, even though it was just to put HealX on his tootsies. Charlie may forgive, but he doesn’t forget!

We started bonding Charlie and Piper last weekend. At first they ignored each other, but they’ve been living together for over a month now so I guess the novelty has worn off. He’s a little nervous around her and she’s very energetic but they are interested in each other. Today she put her head down for him to groom but he just sniffed her and ran away. “I wanna take it slow, Piper!”

Piper has mellowed some since arriving at our home in late September. She still gets all excited for food but seems to understand that we need to put the bowl on the floor before she can eat from it. She’s still a baby so she’s learning. I know she’s got some smarts since she learned how to get out of going into her carrier. I have to use a piece of cardboard to help and as soon as she sees that, she runs into the corner. “Uh-uh, I’m too smart for that, human!”



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