Hoppy New Year!

January 1, 2016 at 1:02 pm | Posted in rabbit | 2 Comments
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“Butterscotch & Hershey”

A very Happy New Year from me and my fluffle (an adorable term for a group of bunnies!)

Munchkin is shedding right now and she actually let me groom her bottom for awhile last night. She let me groom even more than my own rabbits do. I kept expecting her to turn around and nudge at me to stop, but she never did. My Hershey is shedding now too and I have to sneak fur off of him. Some bunnies are just so much better about grooming than others.

Binky has been a bit fussy about his greens here, but I think I finally have a combo down that works for him. I couldn’t get him to eat any lettuce, even though I prepared it as his momma advised me. He loves the herbs though, so herbs it is! I’m used to fussy bunnies since my Charlie is the fussiest eater I know. I always have to have several different kinds of herbs around the house in order to satisfy my little man.



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  1. Diana what a great picture of bunny! Yes he is a bit fussy but I find he is like a toddler .. I sometimes hold the “new” lettuce in front of him a few times and tell him to try it. He finally does if I persist then eats it no problem! Lol what is the meaning of this?!? Attention seeking behavior? In any case I don’t expect you to do this of course. Feed him what he will eat. I just think he is s character and knows he can get away with it since momma is away lol

  2. I think some rabbits are just very fussy about what they will eat. With some, if there’s one thing they don’t like, they leave that until they’re hungry enough that they don’t mind eating it anymore. I try and give buns what they like so nothing gets wasted.

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