Checkup Buddies

January 20, 2016 at 2:39 pm | Posted in rabbit | Leave a comment
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“Piper & Butterscotch”

“Piper & Charlie”

Piper had her first vet visit (with us) today. She was a very good girl and in perfect health. Butterscotch was coming along to get his sore hock checked out so she had company in the car. They were both a little nervous. We think Butters got his foot irritated by something and then nervously picks at it. He’s a bit of a nervous guy, so hopefully we can get it healed up and calm him down a little.

We moved bonding upstairs this week. Next step is their actual communal living space. So far so good. They pretty much do their own thing and occasionally come to each another to beg for a snuggle. We’re up to an hour sessions, but it could probably go even longer. My mom thinks they’re already bonded at this point, but I want to keep taking it slow. I’m not ready for my baby to move in with his girlfriend! How do parents do it?

Piper frequently comes over when I’m sitting and lays down behind my legs just like a dog. She’s so very loyal. Fortunately she doesn’t seem to ever want to eat anything that I’ve got, unless it’s fruit. I had some fruity Jelly Baby candy that she smelled and her nose was bookin!

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