Snow & Snores

January 27, 2016 at 11:23 am | Posted in rabbit | Leave a comment
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“Hershey & Butterscotch”

We had a big snowstorm over the weekend, so I got my dad to bring in  a fresh bowl of snow for Piper to check out. I’ve done this with all my buns on their first snow with us. She came over to the bowl and stuck her head in, expecting it to be food, but it was cold! She picked at it, then tipped the bowl over, and after I righted it, started digging in the bowl. This bunny sure knows what to do in the snow! If I’d actually let her out there in it, I’d have never found her again! Later, I guess she felt dirty, because she decided to hop around in my mom’s shower for a minute. Most bunnies take baths, but mine likes a shower!

Bonding went better yesterday than the day before, just like it was before Charlie got sick. I moved them to a slightly more neutral room and she was much calmer, and he less afraid. He even groomed her quite a bit. Still nothing from her though. They even eventually got bored by the end of the half hour. I’ll have to give them more things to play with today.

Last night I was in the dining room and heard a funny noise. I didn’t know what it was, thought it was someone blowing their nose in the basement maybe. Turns out, it was Butterscotch snoring! I’ve never head him snore before. He doesn’t usually sleep near me, nor that deeply in the evening when I spend time with him. As soon as I got near him though, he stopped.

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