Youngins’ Shenanigans

March 2, 2016 at 3:29 pm | Posted in rabbit | Leave a comment
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Ever since Piper and Charlie started spending the whole day together, he’s been so much more active and seems like a younger rabbit. Lately, that also means getting into trouble that I wouldn’t have expected from a rabbit of mature years as well. So far Charlie is intent on “helping” me clean out his litter box, waking me up in the morning by chewing on the fence, destroying a cloth I had put on the fence to muffle said noise, and then covertly opening the room door. That one still surprises me.

I had put a small piece of felt at the bottom of the door to prevent Piper from chewing on the paint and Charlie figured out that could pull on that to get the door open. He woke me up once doing it, so I closed the door tight. Unfortunately it must not have latched because minutes later he had it open again! Not so shabby for 7 and a half!

Not to be outdone, Piper made her move when my mom had opened a low desk drawer that she happens to keep a bag of Craisins in. Piper must have smelled them through the bag, because the drawer was only open for a minute but she swooped in, grabbed the bag, and took off with it. My mom got it back, (fortunately sans chew marks) but of course she had to give Piper a Craisin for her efforts.

Oh, and the flower pot in the photo above, seconds after the picture was taken, she tossed it around, leaving a nice dirt-mess for me to clean up.


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