Foot Nudgin’

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Last night I was standing in Lilly’s pen next to the fence and she came over and began nudging my ankles. Apparently I was standing in one of “her” spots. I quickly moved out of her way once I realized and she lay down. I pet her as a peace offering and she purred in response.

Glenda bunny went home last night and a new bunny came this morning. Her name is Bunny and she’s yet another rabbit who looks like my Butterscotch. She’s the third one now! They should start a club!


Bunny Race Track

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Yesterday we clipped our Butterscotch’s nails and he was the most beahved that he has ever been for a clipping. He was such a good boy that it only took us about 15 minutes with breaks between feet. In the past it took us three people to be able to do it. Good job, boy!

Last night Glenda was doing bunny runs around her pen and my Hershey and Butterscotch rushed to the edge of their pen to see. They did the same thing when Lilly was running a couple of days ago. I don’t know why they love watching them run so much, but it certainly is entertaining!

Flops and Runs

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I was fortunate enough to see both Glenda and Lilly flopping into their fences yesterday. They’re both such relaxed sleepers. I was in the basement last night and heard what sounded like thunder. It must have been one of the rabbits doing runs. I can’t imagine what it would be like to live below a rabbit who likes to run. My dad’s den is under part of our Piper’s racetrack and he says she sounds like a horse when she runs. Giddy-up rabbit!

Litter Box Queens

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Both Lilly and Glenda always dance for their food. And any other time I come in their pens, hoping to get a treat out of me! They both have such great litter habits. Lilly is using one of our litter boxes and she’s so good that I barely have to pick up any stay poops. She hasn’t had a single accident. It’s always nice when the buns use the boxes instead of the floor!


Bunny Watchin’

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“Lilly & Glenda”


Glenda is always a very chill rabbit while she’s here and Lilly is really enjoying her company. My boys get to see both ladies all day, and I swear I can see my Hershey smiling at them. Glenda always comes over to me for petting, but Lilly is a little more aloof. She’ll let me pet her, but she’d rather sit and “talk” to the other bunnies.

Identical Cous-buns!

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Golden lops Glenda and Lilly are both here with us for the week and I feel like I’m seeing double! They both look very similar and are total sweethearts. Glenda is a frequent visitor so she settles in right away. Lilly is a bit shyer, but after a little while she relaxed and was running all over her pen doing binkys and head flicks. I opened up the “windows” between the girls’ pens and they seem to like seeing one another. My boys Hershey and Butterscotch REALLY like seeing them. Welcome to Kamp, ladies!

Rusty with the Caramel Center

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Little Rusty is going home today and I’ll have a day and half until more bunnies come. It’ll be nice to have the use of both of my hands for a couple nights now, but I will miss the Rust-man. He’s such a sweetheart, especially for his small stature. I’ve found the wee ones tend to be on the feisty side, but Rusty is as kind as they come. He’s very demanding as far as attention goes though, so I’ll be my own four rabbits will be glad to have me all to themselves for a bit. Fortunately the next visitors to come are girls so my Butterscotch and Hershey downstairs will be happy to see/sniff them!

Yes Master Rusty!

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I can only can use one hand when I’m with Rusty because the other hand has to be petting him. Occasionally he sits up and takes a bath so I get to stop, but I can’t stray very far. As soon as he’s done, he’ll nudge me to start petting again. I get a break when he gets pellets. This little bunny means business If I even dare to ignore him, he jumps up on the back of the couch and walks around me, taunting me. The little guy knows all the tricks!

The Hamper Jump

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I cleaned up my room this morning and had to close Charlie and Piper out for a little while. Piper was not happy about it, even though she spends half of the day in the hall anyway, and tried repeatedly to get back in. I put a piece of cardboard blocking the door and after jumping over it twice I put a higher piece there. Then she tried to get over it by jumping onto the clothes hamper, but she wound up jumping into it. Fortunately I was there to let her out. Otherwise she’d have had to jump out, or tip it over. Silly girl! Rusty was watching all of her antics from downstairs. I wonder what he made of it!

Warm Floppin’

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It was a little warmer here yesterday so all the bunnies got their flop on. There’s no cuter way for them to sleep. My Piper even closes her eyes when she does. In the evening I wanted to lay down on the couch to watch TV, but there was a little bunny already using the couch. Rusty was fast asleep up there, waiting for me to come and pet him.

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