Bunnies Gotta Dig

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“Charlie & Piper”

“Butterscotch & Hershey”

Lately my Piper has taken over her predecessor’s habit of digging in the corner between my bed and bookcase. Bella used to do that so often that I had to replace a piece of carpet. Now Piper is pulling that up and thudding the brick holding it down against the wall. We have construction going on this week on our block so i guess Piper wanted to make some noise of her own. One time I thought someone was knocking at my door, only to discover it was my noisy girl. Fortunately she doesn’t have access to that area at night or I’d have to make some changes!

Most people wouldn’t be thrilled with their rabbit leaving large pee stains on the floor, but I’m happy to see my Charlie doing it. He’s had trouble with calcium sludge this past year, but his bladder seems to be operating at full capacity now. He goes more at once and he’s got a damn good stream now.  If he was doing it all in the litter box I’d be even happier, but at least I know his bladder is clear!

With a little break from visitors in the house, my boys downstairs are enjoying their living room. We recently bought a rubber-backed rug to put on the shelf of an end table and now it’s their favorite place to sleep. We have another table so we’re trying to get the same rug to put there for when a visitor has that table. We got the rug for visitors to sleep on, since they like cover, especially in new places, but I never expected my boys to like it so much. Now if you’re looking for them, there’s a high probability that they’re snuggled in there together.


Curiouser and Curiouser

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Valerie likes to sleep on her blanket under the coffee table when she’s not sleeping at the fence to get a better look at the three boys downstairs. She was very shy with me yesterday, but did let me pet her once. This morning she’s like a different rabbit! She let me and my dad pet her, and is biting at her fence when my Butterscotch is at the fence across from her. Maybe seeing the other bunnies makes her feel better? Maybe Butters told her that this was a safe house, and not to worry!

Buddy did a whole bunch of runs last night. After his workout he came over to me for a long petting session. I was eating cookies and he sniffed my hand for a long time. I guess he wanted one! Sorry boy, not for bunnies! He’s very friendly and likes to sleep right at the corner of his pen at the edge of the living room so he can see all of the action, human and rabbit alike.

Both of these big, beautiful bunnies are heading home today so it was a short visit indeed. Buddy is coming back next month, and I hope to see Valerie again too. She’s certainly welcome!

New Weekend Visitors

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We have two new visitors at Kamp Kronenberg for the weekend: Handsome Buddy and Beautiful Valerie. Valerie is very similar to my Piper except for the dark marks on her ears, nose and tail. She’s curious, but a little bit aloof. She liked meeting my Hershey and I know he loved meeting her! She spent a long time laying against the fence she shares with Buddy, hoping to get a good look at him.

Buddy is super friendly and eager to meet everyone. My whole family got to pet him last night, and he is not shy about snuggling in for a long petting. This rabbit knows how to use his human-slaves! Both bunnies are munching down all their food like happy and hungry rabbits. They’re both on the larger side, (which I happen to love) so lots of greens are coming their way!

Welcome to Kamp you two! I can see you’ve already made yourselves comfortable!

little BIG Girl

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Sweet little Bunny will be heading home soon. I know my boys will miss her. They’ve been pretty well behaved around her. Sometimes my Hershey gets overexcited with visitors here and bothers his brother, but he hasn’t done much of that even though he’s been able to see a lot of Bunny. My boys always like it better when the visitor is a girl. She’s certainly one of the smaller rabbits we’ve had, but she’s a got a HUGE personality to make up for it!

Lap Bunny Licks

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Bunny has been such a sweet little lap bunny. I’m going to miss her warm furry body when she goes back home. My rabbits are no where near as affectionate. Only Piper lets me pet her when she is up on the couch, and no one ever hops into my lap unless I’ve got a treat for them. Some rabbits are just so much more willing to give a lick than others. Unless I’ve got banana on my hands, of course!

Later Bedtime

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“Charlie & Piper”

Bunny was tunneling under pillow on the couch last night. She’s always finding new ways to have fun up there. I fence the couch off when I put her “to bed” at night, and then open it back up the next evening when I spend time with her. Otherwise she might try to use it to escape her pen. If she had the couch all the time, the novelty would probably wear off anyway!

Recently I’ve been letting my Piper stay out a little bit longer in the evening. I have to separate her and Charlie at night or she’d eat all of his food, so they each get half of the room. I had been putting her to bed at 10pm and one night I thought I’d wait until 11pm. By 10:30 she was clanging on the fence to make her pen. I guess she was so used to her bedtime that she didn’t want to stay up late. It’s staying at 10:30pm for now and she seems to be okay with that!

Cuddle Bun

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“Hershey & Bunny”

Last night Bunny curcled up on a pillow in my lap and went to sleep while I pet her. It was so sweet. I almost never get rabbits to do that, especially my own. She purred for a little while and then just fell asleep. Nothing cuter than a sleeping bunny! Later she hopped up on the back of the couch behind me and stepped onto my shoulder to lick the side of my face. I’ve gotten more licks from her than I would from a dog!

Finger Nibbles and Bathroom Explorer

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Bunny spent a lot of time running across and sitting in my lap last night. She likes to nibble at my fingers all the way down to the nail. Sorry girl, I don’t need them clipped right now! She also wanted to jump onto my laptop. She said she wants to surf the net, but I’m afraid she’d just hang ten off the edge and possibly fall.

We got a new rug in our bathroom and my Charlie was even more interested in checking it out than Piper. She watched it being put down, but after Charlie was the one who kept hopping around in there, sniffing the new smells. He even managed to get himself stuck in there for a few minutes. He must have gone in, went behind the door, and pushed it closed. Fortunately he didn’t seem too upset when he was let back out. That’s my curious Charlie!

Taking Bunny Laps

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Bunny had a great cardio workout last night. She did runs in a big lap that included behind me on the couch and around the coffee table. The young buns always have so much energy! I offered her some raspberries later, but she wasn’t interested. I haven’t been able to get any rabbits to try a raspberry, but for the applesauce they’ll jump right into my lap! Go figure.

My Butterscotch jumped up onto a chair to get a better look at bunny yesterday. He’s gone up on the couch too. I don’t know how he figures out that he would get a better view from up there, but somehow he does. Otherwise he usually stays on the ground. I guess it’s gotta be something worth going up for!

Couch Right-of-Way

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Bunny likes to lick me when saying hello, and also always gives me a little nibble. Nothing hard, but to a human hand, with no fur on it, it’s probably not as pleasant as it would be for another rabbit. She doesn’t have anyone to groom though, so I’m happy to oblige. She spent a while last night zipping along behind my on the couch. I had to sit on the edge so that she could keep running behind me or else I got a firm nudge to move out of her way. “I’m hopping here!”

My Piper sometimes does that up on the bed. She jumped up last week when my brother was sitting on my bed and she had to check him out. She’s also a nibbler of new things so he asked her not to eat his shorts. He wasn’t trying to make a joke, but Piper’s antics often elicit funny responses!


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