Bunnies Gotta Dig

May 20, 2016 at 2:49 pm | Posted in rabbit | Leave a comment
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“Charlie & Piper”

“Butterscotch & Hershey”

Lately my Piper has taken over her predecessor’s habit of digging in the corner between my bed and bookcase. Bella used to do that so often that I had to replace a piece of carpet. Now Piper is pulling that up and thudding the brick holding it down against the wall. We have construction going on this week on our block so i guess Piper wanted to make some noise of her own. One time I thought someone was knocking at my door, only to discover it was my noisy girl. Fortunately she doesn’t have access to that area at night or I’d have to make some changes!

Most people wouldn’t be thrilled with their rabbit leaving large pee stains on the floor, but I’m happy to see my Charlie doing it. He’s had trouble with calcium sludge this past year, but his bladder seems to be operating at full capacity now. He goes more at once and he’s got a damn good stream now.  If he was doing it all in the litter box I’d be even happier, but at least I know his bladder is clear!

With a little break from visitors in the house, my boys downstairs are enjoying their living room. We recently bought a rubber-backed rug to put on the shelf of an end table and now it’s their favorite place to sleep. We have another table so we’re trying to get the same rug to put there for when a visitor has that table. We got the rug for visitors to sleep on, since they like cover, especially in new places, but I never expected my boys to like it so much. Now if you’re looking for them, there’s a high probability that they’re snuggled in there together.


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