Cheeks is Ready for the Summer!

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Beautiful spotted bunny Cheeks is at summer kamp for two weeks, starting yesterday. She is such a sweetheart. She mellowed a little bit from last year, but is still just as affectionate. She likes to snuggle with my feet and lick me. She even lay down with head underneath my foot when my legs were crossed. “You can pet me with your foot, I don’t mind!”

My boys, of course, are happy to see a girl again. Hershey peeked round the corner of her pen to see her at first, before camping out at the “window” between their pens to get a better look at her. Butterscotch plopped himself down right at the gateway between their pens, where he knew he’d get a good view. Cheeks came over right away to say hello. She doesn’t seem to mind my boys, and probably likes the attention!


In the Mood for a Litter Box

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“Charlie & Piper”

I recently switched my Charlie back to a regular litter box. I had been using  cut-down one with puppy pads in it, but Charlie stopped using it and Piper was flooding it. Two days later, I notice that Charlie is in the box! I have seen him in hers occasionally, but he is more than happy to use his fleece on the floor as a bathroom. I’ve seen him in his box a few more times, and he might be using it when I’m not looking too (one can hope!). I never know why he behaves the way he does, but I’m grateful when it makes my life easier!


(Human) Kamp Guests

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”


Yesterday we got some special visitors to Kamp Kronenberg, my Butterscotch and Hershey’s previous family! Butterscotch let his old mama cuddle with him and let everyone get in a few pets. He certainly is as sweet as his name! Hershey wasn’t as cooperative, as is his nature. He did show off how powerful his teeth are, fortunately on a chew toy and not on us! My Piper even got in on the action, even though she’d never met these people before. She’s just too curious to let anything go on in this house without checking it out. Plus, she always up for petting, no matter where the source!

Butterscotch Always Keeps it Interesting

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“Butterscotch & a present from visitor Buddy’s Mom”

My sweet little Butterscotch managed to get his cornea scratched a few days ago. Now he’s on double doses of Metacam and eye drops three times a day. This is the rabbit who requires three people to administer meds or clip his nails, so I was not looking forward to it. So far he’s been pretty good. I guess as long as I’m not trying to put anything in his mouth, he doesn’t mind. I’m not sure all of the drops make it in, but there’s no more discharge from his eye, so hopefully he’s healing.

Finally Conquered the Couch

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At the end of his visit with us, Buddy finally came up onto the couch with me. He hopped up there last night and right into my lap. He might have just wanted to get a better view over the fence, but he did let me pet him a little. He had been up on the couch a couple of other times but never when I was in the pen with him. Buddy is heading home later today and I know I’ll miss that little gray fur-ball! He’s got one of the best appetites I’ve ever seen!

Iced Bottle for Two?

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It got a little warm yesterday, so in addition to the “hare-conditioning” I gave Buddy and my Piper frozen water bottles. My boys aren’t interested in them. Piper hasn’t really understood why it’s there. She just likes to unwrap the cloth around it and toss it around. Buddy pretty much did the same thing with his. I haven’t met many rabbits that actually snuggle with them, but I always like to offer them.

Lose Weight: Run & Shed Fur

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We bought another rug to put under our second end table, so now all bunnies get to have a soft rug and cover overhead. Buddy is sleeping in there night now.

Last night Buddy did some bunny runs and my Hershey came over to the other side of the fence to see what all the ruckus was about and joined in by doing some runs of his own. He’s actually been losing more weight lately, which is great. I know he hates being on a diet, but I know he’ll be healthier if I can keep him at a lower weight. He’s also shedding right now (all the bunnies are getting ready for summer!) and I groomed about an ounce of fur off him this week.

Carefree Buddy

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Now my boys get to share the living room with Buddy and they all seem pretty content with that setup. Buddy is so easy-going that nothing seems to phase him. Noisy wind? No problem. Vacuuming right next to me? No Problem. Moving me into the next pen over? No problem. Just make sure you feed me!

Hey Budgie—How Many Licks Does it Take…

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Budgie gave me a foot bath yesterday, not that I asked him to! We just bought a new rug to sit on the shelf inside our end table yesterday and Budgie was checking it out. I put my feet on the shelf when I sit on the couch and I guess he decided that meant my feet were fair game for licking.

Snoopy came over and nudged my feet a couple of times so I put my hand down for petting. He sniffed it real good, but didn’t want me to pet him. I guess he didn’t like what he smelled!

Budgie and Snoopy are heading home today, giving their bunk-mate Buddy some more room to spread out for the rest of his stay. He’s such a sweet and calm bun. We had to put the AC (or “hare-conditioning” as I call it) yesterday and the unit tends to be a little noisy when the compressor kicks in. Some rabbits get a little freaked out by it the first time they hear it, but Buddy didn’t mind. Budgie seems to be fine as long as he can be near his brother.

Bunny Boy’s Camp

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Buddy bunny arrived today, making it 5 boys downstairs. Plus my Charlie upstairs that makes 6 boys I’m looking after. My Princess Piper is the only girl in the bunch! She’s as big as three of the boys though!

Budgie gave me a tongue-bath on the couch last night. It was nice to have him warm up to me after being a little standoffish Thursday. He even gave me a “high-five” with his tongue!

Snoopy’s pen is next to my boys, Butterscotch and Hershey and he’s been very well-behaved. He only went over to the fence to say hello them when he arrived and spends most of his time now either under the coffee table, under a box, or at the fence with his little brother, Budgie.

Buddy is in our annex pen, named because I “annexed” the hallway into my bunny-sitting kingdom for a couple of days. He doesn’t seem to mind the somewhat smaller quarters. He’s the only one with a view now of the upstairs and my beautiful Piper .

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