Big Clipping Time

July 13, 2016 at 2:08 pm | Posted in rabbit | 3 Comments
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“Sweetie Bun”


Yesterday we clipped my Piper’s nails. She’s pretty good about it, which is great because she’s a big girl and tough to keep in the position I need her to clip. She’s still nervous about it, but I think that she will learn what we’re doing after we clip her several times and be more comfortable. My Charlie and Hershey are like that since they’re such smart buns. My Butterscotch on the other hand, will never be happy being held for ANYTHING.

I went to see Sweetie Bun after clipping Piper and she must have smelled her on me. Not too hard since Piper’s a big girl and she’s shedding! Sweetie got all excited, smelling another bunny. The novelty wore off after a few minutes though. Her favorite thing to do right now is play with and cuddle with her big stuffed bunny. There are some advantages over having a live mate: she’s bigger than most buns I’ve seen, and she’s always up for a cuddle!




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  1. Oh my piper looks like a doll! super cute, my rabbits get so scared when I try to clip their nails

    • Piper is a real sweetheart, despite her imposing size. Nail clipping always seems to be stressful for the bunnies and humans alike!

  2. Don’t forget about sweeties bun PETicure

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