Ice Cold Tile Nap

July 15, 2016 at 1:44 pm | Posted in rabbit | 2 Comments
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“Sweetie Bun”


Sweetie Bun will be heading home today, and another boy is going to be taking her place. She always runs over to greet me when I enter her pen. Last night she chinned my foot too.I guess that means I’m hers until someone else claims me!

Douglas did some bunny runs in the evening yesterday. He sure can move fast with those big tootsies! This was right after he had a good long look at Sweetie Bun in her pen through their plexiglass window, so maybe was showing off for her. I gave him a couple of ceramic tiles that my buns have never liked to lie on, and he almost instantly flopped down onto them. Boy knows how to keep it cool! I just got confirmation that he’ll be able to return next Feb for a stay, but he probably won’t be needing the tiles that time of year!




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  1. Yay!!!!! 🙂 awesome news!!! He looks super comfy on the tiles!!

    • I figured this was the best way to let you know he gets to keep his Feb slot! ❄️

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