Sneezy Bunny

July 17, 2016 at 1:32 pm | Posted in rabbit | Leave a comment
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When I opened up the plexiglass “window” between Mason and Douglas’s pens yesterday, Mason went right over to Douglas. He even stuck his nose into the fence, but he had to wait for Douglas to finish in the litter box. Once Douglas did come over, they looked at each other and then Douglas ran away. He came back, but this time he was on top of the coffee table. “I’ve got the higher ground!” Mason didn’t seem to mind.

Mister Mason seems to have allergies and I feel so bad for him. I have them to, so I know how yucky is can feel to be congested and sneezing a lot. I know I’m allergic to grass/hay but I take something for it so I’m okay. he seems to sneeze in his box, so maybe he is too. I don’t know if they make allergy meds for bunnies, but they totally should! I think my Bella had a slight allergy to something as she sneezed occasionally, and another bun I sat for also sneezes. It is adorable to see a bunny sneeze, but I imagine they don’t feel that way.


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