Brother & Sister Buns

July 20, 2016 at 1:40 pm | Posted in rabbit | 2 Comments
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“Mason & Piper”

“Mason & Piper”

“Mason & Piper”


We brought my Piper downstairs to meet her littermate Mason this morning. She was a little more interested in checking out her surroundings than saying hello to Mason. He was certainly glad to see her as he doesn’t see as many other bunnies as she does. I don’t think they necessarily remembered each other, but they were happy to just say hello. It was interesting to see them next to one another and the difference in their bodies. Piper is a little fuller and Mason is longer. I still look at him and think that it’s my girl, but they are twins after all!

My Charlie stayed in my room for the duration because he was not interested. I don’t think the other boys downstairs knew what was going on. If Douglas had, he definitely would have wanted to come over and meet my girl. He certainly is a friendly guy.



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  1. Diana- I love it! They are so cute- I can barely tell them apart in the pics!


    • They’re like a mirror-image of each other!

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