Drop the Hay-Confetti

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Uriel and Benita are only here for a couple more days now, but at least we get to spend New Years together! The first year I had Charlie, I had a party-popper full of confetti explode all over the room. Then, it took me 20 minutes to clean all of it up before Charlie ate any of it. The next year, my confetti was pieces of hay. Just as much mess, but bunny-safe. I’ll have to do a New Year’s countdown earlier in the evening for the buns, just like I used to do when I was a kid. Uriel loves to pull hay out of his box so his pen has lots of “hay-confetti.” He’s all ready for 2017!

Uriel’s Big Adventure

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I adjusted Benita and Uriel’s pens to give them both a little more room. Uriel was so excited and ran all over, sniffing and chinning everything. Later he was trying to groom Benita through the fence, but she was not happy about that. “You gotta ask permission first, dude!” In the evening Uriel joined me on the couch and put his paws on my lap. Aw! Maybe today I’ll get a snuggle!


Chain Reaction of Joy

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Mason got all excited when he got his carrot treat at dinnertime. He was binkying all over his pen and then started a chain reaction. Benita started hopping around next and running in circles,and then Uriel copied her. What a joyous sight to see! I would have joined in but I didn’t really have the room to jump into the air and twist my butt.

Mr. Mason is heading home today and he will certainly be missed. Yesterday he hopped through my lap and the fur started flying everywhere. At least I’ll have some furry reminders of him for days, and weeks to come. He’s every inch as sweet as his sister Piper and I hope he visits us many more times.

Noisy Runner

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Mason makes little noises when he eats. It’s very cute. he frequently does bunny runs in the evening which can be quite loud. Last night he scared Benita with his running. Uriel came over to see if she was okay. Aww! What a sweet little brother. Yesterday my brother tried to walk through he living room while he was eating an apple. Not a good idea unless you’re willing to share it!

Sibling Affection

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“Benita & Uriel”

Sometimes Benita and Uriel lay down at the fence next to each other. Benita is usually first and then Uriel comes over to her. He’s always trying to give her a kiss and sometimes she turns her head in his direction. He sure does love his big sis!

Mason has only come up on the couch with me once so far. He does like to sleep up there though, as evidenced by my kitchen chair now also being furry from butt-transfer. Good thing I’m used being covered in white fur!

Cranberry Sauce, Mademoiselle? Monsieur?

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Benita and Uriel brought some presents for their hosts for Christmas and so far the willow candy canes were a huge hit! My Piper ate three in less than 24 hours. Their other favorite toy is the willow baskets. I just ordered a few extra to dole out throughout the year. I also got them willow rings, which they loved last year, but are not a big hit this year. My buns are so fickle!

My mom went to pet Mason last night, because, how can you not pet a big white bunny who is the twin of your own big white bunny? She was reading the newspaper and Mason decided he wanted in on it. He doesn’t know how to read though, so he did what bunnies do best and just chewed on it.

We had my mom’s homemade cranberry sauce for dinner and all the bunnies got a little taste. I know my four like it, but our visitors had mixed results. Benita, of course, licked all of hers up, but Uriel and Mason weren’t interested. Uriel gave it a few sniff, but decided it wasn’t something he wanted to try. Mason kept coming back to the dish to see if it somehow turned into something he wanted to eat, but never actually took a bite. Oh well, more for us humans!

Santa, My Presents are Delicious!

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“Charlie & Piper”


“Hershey & Butterscotch”







Mason, my Piper’s brother, arrived yesterday, just in time for Christmas! He’s so playful and joyous, just like his sister. All the bunnies were so excited to see what Santa brought for them this morning! The biggest hit with my buns were the willow baskets. I never know what they are going to like, so I try a few different things. Last year it was the willow rings, now it’s baskets. All of our visitors got some treats too. Mason and Benita chowed down right away on their treats, but Uriel didn’t eat everything right away. “I’m saving some for later!” Not a bad idea little guy!

Hoppy Hanukkah & Merry Christmas from the Kronenbuns!

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Happy Hanukkah & Merry Christmas from Piper, Charlie, Hershey & Butterscotch!

A Little Spooked

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Benita has been a little skittish here lately. She wouldn’t let my mom pet her last night. I think she’s still wary of her making too much noise in the house. Uriel doesn’t seem as bothered. He’s a mellow boy. He never comes over for pets, but is always willing to snuggle down when I put my hand on him. It’s going to get a little noisier here later today and we’re having another bunny arrive this afternoon, so I hope Benita doesn’t mind too much. She goes behind the couch when she gets startled and then Uriel lays down up against the fence next to her pen. “I’ll make you feel better, big sis!”

Christmas Buns Start Arriving

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Benita and Uriel arrived last night for their Christmas visit. They settled in right away. Uriel chowed down on his dinner just after his mom left. He loves sleeping in the end table. When I went to sit with him, he let me pet him and he purred.

Benita came over to the couch to say hello to me. She settled right in for petting. This girl never says no to a pet. I checked on them before I went to bed and they were both laying at the fence next to each other. They aren’t bonded but do love each other!

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