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January 5, 2017 at 2:36 pm | Posted in rabbit | 2 Comments
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We’re putting away our Christmas decorations now and Lola wants to help. She sees us moving boxes and taking ornaments off of the tree and she gets all excited. She does theses crazy high-speed runs. She always gets excited when someone goes into her pen, dancing around our feet and putting her paws up to say “hello!” or “feed me!”. She’s so full of energy!

We brought our Piper and Charlie to the vet this morning for their annual checkups. Charlie was losing a little weight, but he’s still fine and otherwise healthy (phew!) Piper is also in good health, but boy did she act up! She tried to jump off the counter at least 3 times and it took four of us to keep her down when she bucked up again. She’s never like this at home when we clip her nails, and wasn’t like that at the vet last year so I don’t know what got into her. Dr. Saver didn’t even look in her mouth as to not upset her, and I don’t blame her! I know her ears are all good though since Charlie spends a lot of time cleaning them!



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  1. Uhoh sounds like Leonidas was a bad influence on her for her vet visit. Love the after the wild run picture.

    • lol Yes, we saw Leonidas’ photo in the waiting room! She wasn’t really bad, she was just scared and acting out. Unfortunately that can be a problem when it’s a 10lb rabbit!

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