Charlie: The Begging Bunny

January 22, 2017 at 2:56 pm | Posted in rabbit | 5 Comments
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“Charlie & Piper”

My little Charlie is basically fed round-the-clock so he can get enough food in him without Piper stealing it all. Sometimes I separate them, but frequently throughout the day, Charlie hops over to whomever is upstairs with him, looks at them, and periscopes on his back legs. “Feed me, human! I’m hungry” Our vet thought it was humorous and had never heard of a rabbit doing that, but my Charlie lets us know in no uncertain terms that he wants to be fed, NOW.

The tricky part is sneaking him pellets without Piper finding out. I’m glad he’s smart enough to do that, otherwise I don’t know if he’d be able to get enough food and not be separated from Piper for half of the day.



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  1. Wow! That’s some rabbit who is totally hungry… maybe his appetite has increased overtime, or something.

    • I wish. He’s getting older and just eats so slowly that I mostly hand feed him to keep his mate from eating up all his food.

      • Speaking about his mate eating more food… at minimum, setup a dedicated food bowl for him. That makes it easier for him, and his mate has a fair amount of food. That would make it totally easier than ever.

        • His mate has her own bowl and she gobbles it up as soon as I put it down. I can’t put down any more food than that as she would get overweight from eating it all, which she would do. I was able to do that with Charlie and his previous mate, but not these two unfortunately.

          • Difficult… isn’t it? Not sure why his mate gobbles up her food…

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