Happy Gotcha Day to the Dessert Brothers!

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”

Today is my Hershey and Butterscotch’s “Gotcha Day!” Three years ago today the “Dessert Brothers” became Kronenbuns. Hershey is a slightly bitter dark chocolate sometimes, but Butterscotch is nothing but sweet. These two are always entertaining us with their antics like Hershey suddenly appearing on the wrong side of the kitchen gate, clanging it to be let “back in” and finding Butterscotch fast asleep up on a chair at breakfast time in the morning. I highly recommend adopting a bonded pair of rabbits as these two boys are utterly inseparable (and we didn’t have to do the bonding!).  I can’t imagine our lives without these two!

The Digging Channel

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Last night Douglas was on a digging spree. He started with the towel in his carrier and dug it out underneath him until it was out of the carrier. Then he backed up and continued digging it backwards under a cardboard box before ultimately stopping at his soft bed. He probably would have gone even further but there was a wall in the way. He’s always entertaining to watch, who needs TV? He’s heading home tonight but fortunately will be back this summer for more shenanigans!

Friendly Folks & Beautiful Coats

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Douglas is a such carefree boy. Every time I or a family member goes near his pen, he gets very excited and jumps up and down. He might be expecting a treat, but seems satisfied with some petting. He’s quite content to sit there for as long as you’re willing to pet him for, something I’m not used to with my own male rabbits. Our girl Piper is always up for petting, but she’s large like Douglas. The bigger buns do tend to be cuddlier, but I know a few small rabbits who are extremely friendly!

Hershey is enjoying the living room sun today. When the sunbeam hit his Rex fur just right, you can see the many colors scrunched up along his short strands of fur. His coat isn’t just super-soft, it’s beautiful, even though he is in the middle of a shed right now. He’s a handsome boy, and boy does he know it!

Coffee Table Turf War

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Douglas has spent a lot of time up on top of our coffee table. When he first arrived he chinned everything he could: the corners, the box on top, my laptop, my tray, my hand! He’s very territorial of HIS coffee table. Last night I had some ice cream, and since I usually use the coffee table as a table (silly me) I set the bowl down there. Seconds later Douglas jumps up and runs toward the bowl. He’s used to getting his food in a bowl, so he likely thought I had something for him. He overshot a little and wound up with some chocolate syrup on one of his low-hanging ears. I wiped it off with a tissue, but at least he didn’t go paws deep into ice cream!

The Bunny 500

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I had such nice couch snuggles with Douglas last night. He’s such a mush. He jumps on the couch effortlessly and plops down next to me like he’s a puppy. Then I get “the nudge” which in this case meant, “pet me!” and I’m always happy to oblige. Earlier in the day he did some bunny runs and boy was he loud! He seemed to be practicing for the Daytona 500. Lops always seem to have a little more power in their hindquarters than other buns and Douglas knows how to use his!


Dalmatian Bunnies

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Douglas bunny has joined us here at Kamp Kronenberg once again. His fur is white as snow and as black as ebony, which is just about my favorite color combo on a rabbit. It’s the closest you get to a Dalmatian bunny, and Dalmatians have long been a favorite of mine. I may not have 101 rabbits, but given all the black and white fur you might find around the house, you might be tempted to think that I do. I would love a Dalmatian Bunny Plantation, maybe someday!

Bunnies with Manners

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Binky is having a great time here at Kamp. He isn’t much of a cuddle bunny, but always seems willing to let me pet him on the floor. he has jumped up on the couch, but never when I’m sitting on it. Fortunately he’s not much of a nudger, so when my feet are in his way, he doesn’t try and force them aside to make way. he’ll just hop around. I wish my own rabbits were that polite! “Outta the way human, I’m coming through!” It’s tough to photograph dark rabbits and Binky likes sleeping under and behind things, so he makes getting the perfect shot a real challenge.

Welcome Back Binky

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Little Binky arrived last night for a winter stay here at Kamp Kronenberg. He’s mostly just alternated between sleeping behind the couch and under the end table, but he seems pretty happy so far. He’s munching on his greens, pellets and hay and used the litter box exclusively last night. This is his sixth visit here though, so I’m sure he certainly knows the ropes. I haven’t let my boys see him yet, but I’ll open up the “windows” this evening and let them take a look and sniff. They’re never as happy to see boys as they are when girls come to visit, but my Hershey always wants to know what the new bun is in “his” house.

Snowed In Bunnies

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We had a big snowstorm hit yesterday, so that means staying at home with bunnies all day. Sounds good to me (and to them!) It was so cold outside our furnace was working overtime to keep the house warm. The buns all snuggled up against the convectors and each other to keep warm. Fortunately they’ve all got fur coats too! My Hershey’s got a short Rex coat though, so I always try to make sure he’s warm enough. I wonder if he’d let me put a sweater on him. “No way, human!”

Quality Bunny Time

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“Sadie, Hershey & Butterscotch”

Little Sadie seems to have warmed up to my boys a bit. She lay down at the fence several times yesterday when either Hershey or Butterscotch was lying near her. They always love it when girls visit and Sadie is certainly a beautiful one! She’s heading home tomorrow, so they’ll have to get all their quality time in later today after everyone wakes up from their naps in the evening. The boys hope she comes back soon!

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