Double Rescue in Ridge

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“Nellie & Scooter”

On Monday my mom and I set out east for Ridge, NY for a rabbit rescue. We were going to meet two other volunteers to catch two domestic rabbits that had been running around the neighborhood for weeks already. We had no idea how long it would take, or if we would even be able to find them, but the bunny gods were smiling down on us that day. As soon as we arrived at the initial finder’s house, my mom spotted something darting across the backyard. “I think I saw a rabbit!” she cried as I made haste to the back gate.


Luckily for us the buns were in the corner of the yard, so we just surrounded them with a pen while I dropped carrots to calm them down. The big brown bun, Nellie, was gobbling down as many carrots as she could and almost took one right out of my hand. The white bun, Scooter, was a little more apprehensive and stuck close to Nellie. Another volunteer, April, arrived and helped us get the buns into carriers. Nellie continued munching on carrots and greens and eventually Scooter felt comfortable enough to eat something as well. I’m sure they were both very hungry. Once our final volunteer, Jacey, arrived, we loaded the buns into our cars and headed to her house to look the buns over indoors.


“April with Scooter & Nellie”

First we determined that the brown bun was a female and the white was a male. We all had thought the reverse based on their behavior. Both buns had some bite marks and potential ear mites, which is to be expected on buns who have been living outside. Since this pair had been living together there was a risk of pregnancy so once an appointment was secured, my mom and I headed back to the western end of Long Island to bring the buns to Catnip and Carrots Veterinary Hospital.



Fortunately, Nellie does not appear to pregnant, but still requires monitoring for the near future to make sure. Both buns stayed the night at the vet and got cleaned up and given some medication for mites. Hopefully they both will find forever homes soon!



This rescue was an incredible experience with two rabbits who were clearly ready to be rescued and brought indoors. If you ever see domestic rabbits outside, please contact your local animal shelter or rabbit rescue group. If a local chapter is not listed here: try a google search to see if one exists in your area. Domestic rabbits everywhere will thank you!


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