Stress and Sensitivity

April 26, 2017 at 2:26 pm | Posted in rabbit | 2 Comments
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Some rabbits take longer to adjust than others to new surroundings. Benita and her brother Uriel are a perfect example of this. Benita settles in very quickly and is up for petting from anyone. She gobbles down her food as soon as she gets it, and has no trouble sprawling out in the middle of the floor for an afternoon nap. Uriel on the other hand doesn’t eat his food right away and generally shies away from petting and attention at first. He takes about three days before his appetite is back to normal and is eating his food at a quicker pace.

It’s not unusual for rabbits like him to take all day to eat food they normally gobble up in a couple of hours. I try to be accommodating to sensitive buns and always make sure I have a treat ready to check for stasis while they’re adjusting. Usually that doesn’t happen, but stress does cause stasis in my Butterscotch so I’m always monitoring food intake here!



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  1. Our Binky was definitely a type a Uriel as you describe! This is very helpful and insightful.

    • Thank you! There’s such a wide spectrum of rabbit behavior and personality, it’s fascinating.

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