Help us Help Ashley the Rabbit

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I don’t share these often, but this is a tough case. Ashley recently came into the care of our rescue group and we’re doing all that we can to help her pull through and get better. Please share her fundraiser and donate if you can.

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Her Story: In early June 2017, this rabbit was found starving to death, loaded with ear mites. The finder brought rabbit to the Brookhaven Animal Shelter. The rabbit was in G.I. stasis, not eating or pooping. The shelter contacted a volunteer with the Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group, who recommended immediate veterinary care.  This rabbit, whom we’ve named Ashley in honor of the shelter director, was in emergency care for 4 days. Ashley is so thin, her back bone is prominent. We took her into our foster care as soon as she was released from the emergency vet.  She is emaciated, anemic… she is fighting for her life.

Ashley is now living with an incredibly loving foster family, chomping on some good crunchy greens, resting on a soft blanket, enjoying a hay and alfalfa-filled litter pan. She is now a Long Island Rescue bun and this baby will not ever be left to starve or be attacked by parasites again.  But her struggle is far from over.

Please donate and share to help Ashley have a chance at life.  She is on multiple medications and supplements to combat her parasite infestation, malnutrition, liver damage and host of other issues caused by human neglect and abuse.  We need your help to give Ashley the best chance for survival.


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