When Butterscotch Bunny Doesn’t Want to Eat…

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I haven’t posted in a few days because my little Butterscotch had a particularly bad bought of GI stasis. He’s mostly better now, eating pellets and greens on his own, almost as much as normal. He did loose a couple of ounces, but he’s still at a fine weight. I’m not surprised, barely eating for three days will do that to you!

Butterscotch has been a chronic stasis bunny for a few years now, getting worse last spring. We put him on maintenance Reglan, slowly tapering down, but twice now when we got him to just 0.2ml per day, he went into stasis. This time was worse than usual. He generally recovers within 4 hours, and is totally better by 8 hours after we first notice it. This time he wasn’t eating on his own for 2 days.

We caught it early, only an hour or so after he had eaten greens he refused pellets and we gave him the usual Simethicone for gas, Reglan for gut motility, and Metacam for pain, but his temp was hovering around 100 degrees and he was pushing his stomach down. We brought him into the vet so they could give him Buprenorphine, a stronger pain med, and then took him home.

We put him in his carrier on a heating pad and his temp was stable at 101 by 11:30 that night and stayed over 101 for the next few days, but he did not want to eat anything until the next day he nibbled on hay. It took another day for him to add greens, and then another to start on pellets again. We syringe fed him critical care once we got the okay from the vet and tapered that down as he began to eat more on his own.

For some reason we think Butterscotch just tends to produce gas, giving him stasis. Once he’s fully recovered we’ll keep him on maintenance Reglan, more like 0.5ml a day and see how he does on that. He’s a really fighter when it comes to giving meds though, he HATES the syringes. When he is well he prefers for me to just hold the syringe in front of him and he licks up the meds. So glad you’re feeling better my sweet little boy!

Roaring Bunny

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I got to witness Stella stretching out her big toes last night. Long toes for a long bunny! Then she yawned a big bunny yawn. Some of mine yawn by dropping their lower jaw, and others do so by lifting up their heads. Stella is one of those buns who lift up their head and looked like a lion roaring. Roar on, big girl!

Bunny: Disguised as a Foot

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”

Stella’s nighttime routine has become:
1: Find my feet
2: Snuggle with those feet
3: Get my feet to pet her
4: Lick my feet
I’m beginning to wonder if she thinks my feet are rabbits. My boys certainly know the difference. I know as Hershey and Butterscotch are watching us, they’re saying: “I’ll snuggle with you!”

Foot Purrs

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Yesterday my Hershey was watching Stella take a bath. She didn’t seem to mind his peeping though. Later she came over to me for snuggles and lay down on my foot while I pet her with the other. It takes a little maneuvering and crossed legs, but I manage to make it work for her. Then I got to feel her purring on the foot under her. That was a very weird but cool sensation!

Stella Helps Rescue Shore

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“Shore’s LIRRG Rescue Party”

Yesterday my mom and I helped catch a dumped domestic rabbit for the Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group that we named Shore. Fortunately we were successful and Shore is now in a foster home. This rescue would never have been possible without banana, and for that we have Stella to thank. I don’t usually keep bananas in the house as the humans don’t like them and the rabbits wouldn’t be able to eat one up before it went bad. Stella brought bananas with her when she arrived though, so I had one to bring to the catch. Shore thanks you Stella, and this little bunny really enjoyed that banana!

Couch Exploration

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Last night, Stella hopped up onto the couch with me, She didn’t stick around for snuggles, this was time for business. She sniffed all of the cushions and hopped all over, jumping over me several times in the process. I did get a few pets in while she was busy, but she didn’t feel like snuggling. Then, once she was done, she just hopped back down to the floor and went in the litter box. Maybe a snuggle next time!

Big Beautiful Whites

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Stella bunny is visiting us again, and this is one big girl with a big personality! She’s napping right now, but will surely be out in force tonight, running all over, and snuggling with my feet. Finola is very chill and doesn’t seem to mind having a female roommate. They’re both big white girls and are super sweeties. The big white rabbits always are!

Smart, Hungry Rabbits

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“Piper & Me”



We just cut open a ripe honeydew melon, and somehow Piper got a whiff and decided that she had to have some. She harassed me until I finally gave her a piece and she gobbled it down. I didn’t even know rabbits liked melon. My buns never wanted to eat any before. That’s okay, Piper, I don’t mind sharing!

Finola is so happy to see my mom in the morning, since she learned that she gives her the morning pellets. These rabbits learn fast. You only need to do something once, and already they are waiting for it the next day. “Stick to my schedule, human!”

A Very Finola View

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Finola bunny is visiting us for the weekend. She’s such a sweet girl and so calm. My boys are both in love and she seems to like to sit right where she has a good view of them and they can get an eyeful of her as well. The beautiful buns always know how to flaunt it. Finola may be on the shy side with humans she doesn’t know yet, but she’s still very curious about other rabbits, especially if they’re boy bunnies. Hershey is always happy for the attention from a pretty girl!

That’s MY Room!

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“Piper & Charlie”

Today was room-cleaning day and that means Charlie and Piper have to vacate their living quarters for about an hour. They always fuss so much, but it’s not like they hate being out in hall. They spend half of the day out there anyway, but only on THEIR terms. After everything is cleaned and blankets changed I let them back in and of course they have to sniff around at everything. Charlie is usually not too happy that everything smells “wrong” and has to go around the room and re-mark everything.

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