Pass those Stones, Charlie!

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Bella really loves to “dive in” at meal-time! Always happy to see a hungry bunny. It’s when they don’t want to eat that you worry. As promised, here’s my update on my Charlie:

After quickly loosing his appetite 2 Fridays ago, I initially treated my Charlie for stasis. His temp was low that day, but stayed over 101 after heating him in his carrier on a heating pad for an hour. He was eating greens and hay, but not pellets. He had 3 previous cases of stasis like this over the past two years, but this time he was taking much longer to recover. We got him into the vet the day after Thanksgiving, and his x-rays showed that he had one or two small kidney stones. Doc showed me how to give subcutaneous fluids, and he was to get 25mls a day for a week.

His follow-up appointment is tomorrow, and I believe he has passed the stone(s). His appetite is increasing every day and he is almost back to normal. His behavior isn’t as sluggish as in 2 weeks ago either, he even chased Piper around last night. I was already syringe feeding him Critical Care, since he was eating no pellets, but I have stopped that now. I also gave him 1ml syringefuls of water, which he liked taking since he’s a lazy boy.

I wonder now if the 3 previous cases of “prolonged stasis” were actually caused by kidney stones as well. I’ve cut out his dandelion and parsley since they are high in calcium, and switched to watercress, arugula and cilantro. I hope that if I notice a marked decrease in appetite again that I can just start offering syringes of water and he can pass it more easily. I’ll be asking our vet for advice on that tomorrow. For now, he seems stable, for which I am very grateful!

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