Ears Up!

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When I greeted Cameron this morning, I noticed that his right ear is back in the upright position. It must be feeling better and hopefully the infection is dying down. It’s tough to tell if the ear drops are going all the way down into the ear, but he is very good about taking them. Hope you’re all better soon, boy!

Rusty has been trying to make himself more comfy on my couch by digging and fluffing the sheet. Every morning I find it bunched up in a new place, and Rusty at the other end of the couch. He’d probably be one of those hotel guests who leaves the room in a mess when he checks out, blankets and pillows all over like he was having a party!


Silent Dissaproval

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There’s a little cushion we put in hall to see if Piper would like to lay on it. Ever since, she loves plopping down on it. Only problem is that it’s too small to fit her, so she’s either hanging off by her front end or her back end.

I played a board game in Rusty’s pen last night, and this was the first time that he didn’t sit on the couch with me. I think he didn’t like that he wasn’t the center of attention for once. Instead, he sat on the floor, glaring at the game board on the coffee table. He didn’t try to eat any of the parts, he just sat there, silently disapproving. I’ve seen rabbits do that a LOT.

Keeping Bunnies Warm

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It has been very cold here lately, and our furnace is struggling to keep the whole house at comfortable temperatures. Well, comfortable for the humans. The rabbits have fur coats so they can tolerate slightly lower temps than us, but I prefer to keep them at constant temps. I’ve had to open up the cardboard barriers between Rusty and my boys to let the sunshine in to warm up the boys’ pen. That means Rusty gets to say “hello” to Hershey. So far there’s just been fence biting, but when two alpha males get together, there’s always a battle for “top bunny of the house.”

Aside from Cameron’s lopped ear and occasional wobble you wouldn’t even know he has an ear infection. He still hops around fine and has a great appetite. With rabbits, you have to be very observant about any changes in their behavior. Rabbits are very good at hiding problems because they are prey animals, so the slightest change can be cause for alarm. They also tend to go downhill fast as they are fragile animals. Lucky for Cameron he’s inside with savvy caretakers.

Napping with Rusty

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I took a nap with Rusty on the couch last night. He always hops up next to me and I start petting him. I fell asleep with my hand on his head, and he did as well. More than once, Cameron made a noise which startled Rusty, in turn waking me up. Rusty even licked me once, or did I dream that?

We took our foster bun Cameron to the vet yesterday to get his ear looked at. It lopped down on Christmas Eve, and that doesn’t usually happen to adult rabbits. Turns out he has an ear infection, which I suspected it might be. He’s on antibiotic ear drops, Baytril, right now, once a day, for 10 days. He seems in good spirits otherwise, and does not appear to be in pain. Since rabbits are good at hiding pain though, I’m also giving him a dose of Metacam once a day for a few days to also help reduce inflammation in the ear. So far he’s hopping around like a happy bunny, but with one ear up, and one ear down!

Keeping the Peace Among the Boys

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I usually keep cardboard up between the pens of rabbits in my living room for rabbits who don’t know each other. I especially do this for rabbits of the same sex as they tend to get along better with the opposite sex. There are 4 boys in the living room right now so I’m not letting anyone have visuals so as not to stoke tensions. They can smell each other so they know they are there, but without seeing the others they don’t get upset. I know Rusty would prefer to be the only rabbit in the house, or at the very least, the only one who gets my attention. Cameron is still learning so he doesn’t mind not being the center of attention. As long as he gets his loooong afternoon nap, undisturbed, and his food on time, he’s happy.

Rusty Will EXTERMINATE if You Stop Petting

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Last night was the Doctor Who Christmas special and they brought back the character, Rusty the Dalek. The first time Rusty the Dalek was on Doctor Who, I happened to be sitting for Rusty the bunny, and now both Rusty’s are back again at the same time! I’m sure that I find this a lot more amusing and than either Rusty would. Rusty the bunny is much more concerned with making sure I pet him enough every evening. He doesn’t care what else is going on, as long as one of my hands is on his head.

Merry Christmas Everybunny!

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”


“Charlie & Piper”





I think out of all the buns in the house, my Piper had the best Christmas. She got a piece of a straw hat and she was running around the house with it in her mouth, jumping up and down, just like a 3-year-old at Christmas should. She also ripped apart a toy that Rusty’s family brought her, but that’s just how she has fun. Charlie enjoys himself by watching her crazy antics. Hershey and Butterscotch weren’t too thrilled with their presents, as they cared more about getting their food. Note to self, feed rabbits first, then give them presents!

This is Cameron’s first Christmas, so he didn’t really know what to make of it. I opened his presents for him and he did come over to check them out. He was more interested in the treats than the toys though. Rusty was trying to climb his fence to get at his presents. He’s a seasoned vet of receiving gifts, so he was not about to wait until everyone else had opened theirs before he got a crack at his. All bunnies were eventually satisfied and fell asleep for their Christmas naps, some amid the debris of their “brand new” presents.

Catching Santa

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Tonight is Christmas Eve and all the bunnies in the house are eagerly awaiting Santa Paws. Even though Rusty isn’t at home, he’s not worried that Santa will have any trouble finding him. He’s going to rattle his fence all night long to let Santa know exactly where he is. Then, when Santa opens the gate to fill up Rusty’s stocking, he’s going to spring right out, tackle Santa, chew a hole in his bag of presents and stealing them all for himself and the Kronenbuns. They will do their part by not thumping which would alert the humans to Rusty’s plan. Battle stations!

A Rusty Christmas Special

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Rusty bunny arrived yesterday for a Christmas vacation! He’s sharing the living room with our foster bun Cameron, and is not too thrilled that he has to spend Christmas “behind bars.” He’s already chewing on them, looking for the weak spot to stage his break out. He’s been eating well so far, except he’s not thrilled with his regular pellets. He gobbles up the supreme selective though. “More of those! I’m holding out for the good stuff!” Our hay is also full of clover right now, so all the buns are filling up on that. Piper gained several ounces as a result, which I’m not thrilled about. I’ll just have to encourage her to do even more bunny-runs for exercise.

It’s My Turn for Attention Now!

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I think my foster bun Cameron likes to lick me more than get petted. I’m not used to one-sided affection this way. Most other rabbits I know are usually fine with me petting them, but forget about me getting anything back from them. Maybe if I had some banana smeared on me, otherwise, no dice! Cameron has a family who might be interested in adopting him, which has made everyone very excited. He even did a little half-binky last night when I told him. He’s such a sweet little guy. He might be a bit shy at first, but quickly flourishes once he gets comfortable. He would probably be very happy to be an only bun, and the sole source of attention. He has to share me with 4 other rabbits right now, so that doesn’t make for as much quality time as I think he would prefer.

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