Busy with My Boy

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“Charlie & Piper”

My Charlie hasn’t been doing so well the last couple of days. He’s still got an infection somewhere, so we’re trying another antibiotic for a month. His kidney function has also gotten worse. He’s basically not eating on his on own except for a few fruit treats and the occasional piece of cilantro. He grinds his teeth sometimes, I noticed it when he urinated a couple of times, so we got Buprenex from the vet to give him in addition to his Galliprant. It’s so hard not knowing what is wrong with him, but I’m trying to make him as comfortable as possible. His temperature has been below 101 so he’s been on a heating pad in his carrier a lot. Whenever I let him out, he usually snuggles with his mate Piper, and at 10 lbs, I think she makes a pretty good heating element herself.

Good Morning, Other Rabbits

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”



Every morning my Butterscotch waits at the end of his pen for me to take away the cardboard between pens so that he can see the other rabbits in the living room. Cameron usually comes over to greet him, and then Cheeks says hello. Most rabbits only wait for food, but some like to see other rabbits. Some even like to see people, but not most of mine. Cheeks is happy to see me for petting, so I’m always happy to oblige her on the couch.

Guard Your Blueberries

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After giving my Charlie another butt bath and grooming Cameron, I had some snuggle time with Cheeks last night. Just before I went into her pen, I put a bowl of blueberries for me on the coffee table. Well, I forgot that Cheeks goes on the coffee table, and when I returned a minute later, she was happily munching on them. She didn’t get very many, but that taught me a lesson!

Keep That Rabbit Eating

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I started my Charlie back on an appetite stimulant, Periactin. I’m only giving him 1/4 pill every two days to start. Between that and the Galliprant for pain, he tends to get a little groggy. I don’t want him to not eat because he’s too sleepy, so I have to balance it out. When you start out with a young, healthy bunny, you never think you’ll have to worry about getting them to eat more! Most of my other rabbits would love to eat all of Charlie’s food, and most of the them are a little overweight too. I keep telling my not-so-mini Rex Hershey that someday, when he’s older, he can have more pellets than the few gets on his diet now. I think he’s starting to think I’m lying to him.

Just a Lick

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Cheeks bunny likes to lick my ankles while she snuggles with them. That’s nice, especially since I don’t get that from most of my rabbits. Cameron is really the only licker. Sometimes Charlie will give my ankles a few licks, but that’s because he’s asking to eat. He has to be fed on demand, otherwise his mate Piper would eat all of his food. His joints have been a little stiffer lately, perhaps due to the cooler and damp weather. The first half of the day he sleeps more, not moving around much. He’s still running around, asking to eat in the evening though, so he’s still got some spark left in him.

Rotating Toys

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Sometimes my Cameron likes to sit on a cushion. Above he is standing on his big sister Piper’s cushion. It’s a little to big for him, but he likes to explore new things, especially if they smell like other rabbits. Bunnies frequently get bored with their toys, and a bored rabbit is a destructive rabbit. I find that rotating the toys between my rabbits helps. They will always check out a toy if it smells like another rabbit, even if it’s just a rabbit who lives upstairs.

Visiting bunnies always like the toys in my house because they smell like different rabbits. Many of them come from only-bun households, like Cheeks, so meeting and smelling other members of their own species can be exciting for them. Imagine if you didn’t see another human for months or years at a time. In some cases, you might be glad, but rabbits can be like that too. Some rabbits like being the only bun on their turf, but it can be nice to visit with others, sometimes.

A Purdy Lady

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Cheeks bunny is one of those sweeties. She likes to snuggle and she likes to lick. She’s visiting with us again, and my boys are happy to have another girl in the house. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s super purdy!

Sleepy Snuggles

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I had some nice snuggles with Mason last night. He likes to just lie there on the couch next to me, and we both fall asleep while I’m petting him. He is much calmer than his sister Piper. She’d probably tolerate me petting her for a while, but tends to get bored after a bit and is on to the next adventure. She’d probably snuggle with Charlie forever though.

Surprise, It’s a Bunny!

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“Charlie, Piper & Cameron”



There’s a big box in Mason’s pen and he’s decided that it makes a great perch. It’s really for sitting under, but he likes to sit on top of it as well. Guess the couch isn’t’ giving him a good enough view!

Last night we brought Cameron upstairs for some run around time, in a larger space. We’ve done this before, but this time I put a double fence down the middle of the hall, and let him see Charlie and Piper. He spends a lot of time looking at rabbits through fences, downstairs, so I thought he’d like to see the bunnies upstairs too. He did, but my Piper was very upset. I don’t know why, maybe she just wasn’t expecting to see him there. She was on high alert the whole time, except for when Charlie came over and she snuggled with him. Charlie was a little curious, but didn’t care as much as Piper.

Mason the Puppy

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I’ve always said that big bunnies are like puppy dogs, and Mason is like a sheepdog. He gets so excited whenever he *thinks* he might be getting a treat, ready to jump his three foot fence to get it. He’s also been jumping on the couch with me, but never wants to sit in my lap. No bunny ever seems to want to do that. He just snuggles next to me, and presents his head for petting.

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