Alpha Males and Lady Snores

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I had some nice snuggles with Brandon last night as he hopped on the shelf of my end table. He is so soft, almost as soft as my Mini Rex Hershey. We let my Hershey and Butterscotch see the visitors briefly today and of course Hershey was right there at the fence, laying down the law to Ronan. They’re both alpha male buns. Celine is the only lady in the room, so she mostly stays under the coffee table, to keep away any unwanted glances. She also snores, which isn’t so lady-like, but is very cute to hear.

A Trio of Fluffballs

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“Celine & Ronan”



I’ve got these three cuties visiting me now. Celine and Ronan are bonded and Brandon is their brother-through-the fence. Trios of bonded rabbits are hard, and it just didn’t seem like it was in the cards for these guys. Still, they have each other for companionship and entertainment. Brandon is a big mush and the pair prefer rabbit company to human, so I let them be. Brandon will be my evening snuggle buddy this week!

Bunny Begging

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Yesterday I went in Uriel’s pen to close the curtains and he started dancing around me. Bunnies can be such good beggars. He got a carrot out of me, and then of course I had to give one to his sister Athena as well. Luckily my boys didn’t notice.

Bonding an Odd Hopper

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“Athena & Uriel”



Since yesterday was Christmas, all the bunnies in the house got a taste of my mom’s cranberry sauce. All my buns ate a bit, and some even licked the plate. Uriel didn’t want to try it, but Athena wolfed it down. She’ll eat anything though! It’s tough when you try to bond a pair like that, one healthy eater and the other a grazer, but it seems like a lot of pairs are like that.

I’ve made some new observations some bonding my Piper and Cameron. They got into a scuffle yesterday, some fur was pulled and Cam has a little mark, but nothing major. Because he has neurological issues, he doesn’t move like other rabbits. He hops in quick bursts and tends to rock forward when he “hits the breaks” and stops. Piper may be interpreting this as charging and attack behavior and that’s why she lashes out at him. They’re fine when they lie head to head. She groomed him a little yesterday and I think he did some today. It’s when he moves that she gets nervous, so I put my hand hovering between them when he heads towards her. Hopefully in time she will get more used to his movement style.

Happy Hoppin’ Christmas

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”





When I was a kid, Christmas was naturally all about me and my brother. Now it’s all about the bunnies. If you think watching a little kid tear into a present is cute, wait until you’ve seen a rabbit do it, with their teeth! The key is to put something that smells tasty inside. This was my Cameron’s first Christmas as a Kronenbun as he was still a foster last year. The big hit this year was these little willow “barbells”. Both Piper and Cameron devoured theirs, I’ll have to buy some more. I never know what they’re going to like, as previous favorites are often less desirable the second time. “No repeats!” Treats are always popular though, so I always make sure Santa leaves them a few goodies in their stockings.

Merry Christmas from the Kronenbuns!

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Holiday Card 2018

Rabbits Who Prefer Rabbits

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“Uriel & Athena”



Uriel and Athena are very sweet but a little skittish. So far no one has asked me for petting, but both are okay if I offer it up. They are much more interested in each other than me, which is fine. With 4 other rabbits in the house, I only have so much time to give each of them anyway. That’s why I love bonded pairs. They have one another and don’t need me as much to entertain and snuggle with them. These two may still have a a fence between them, but they are definitely enjoying each other’s company.

Two Pairs of Bonding Rabbits

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“Athena & Uriel”

Uriel is visiting us again for the holidays, and he brought along his new friend, Athena. She looks just like a lop-eared version of my Butterscotch, very cute. They both love the lie at the fence next to each other and get into general mischief and mayhem throughout the day. They’re not quite bonded yet, but are the single-fence stage, which is progress. My Piper and Cameron aren’t there yet, but we did have a very productive bonding session today. They snuggled their heads together and she actually groomed him a little! He didn’t really move or do anything, but I hope that he’ll reciprocate soon. He’s a very affectionate rabbit, but maybe he’s challenging her for dominance!

Safe Travels, Opal

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Opal is going to her new foster home tonight, and I’m sure going to miss her. More visitors are coming this weekend though, so I’ll have plenty of bunnies to snuggle through the new year. Opal is one of the sweetest rabbits I’ve ever known, and wasn’t even a bit hormonal before her spay, like some rabbits are. Sometimes having a rabbit who demands petting whenever she feels like it can be a bit of an annoyance, but that’s certainly nicer than a bun who gives you the “bunny butt” and shuns you all the time. Even an angry bite is better than that, (depending on who you ask)!

Opal is now looking for a forever home. If you are interested in adopting Opal, please contact theĀ Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group.

Fosterer Found, Seeking Adopter

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Opal is one very lucky bunny because she found a new foster home! She is officially up for adoption now too and is looking for a forever home. Whomever scoops this bun up is going to be very lucky indeed. I have one more night with Opal before she departs, so I’ll make sure to get all the snuggles in that I can. My own buns, when they let me, will only snuggle on the floor. Opal is obliging enough to jump up onto the couch for a snuggle, so I don’t have to crouch or lie on the hard floor. Wish you could teach that to my buns!

Opal is now looking for a forever home. If you are interested in adopting Opal, please contact theĀ Long Island Rabbit Rescue Group.

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