Hoppy Birthday Hershey

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”



Yesterday was my Hershey’s 8th Birthday. He’s my oldest now, so that means he gets extra attention, whether he wants it or not. He’s usually only interested if that means food. For his birthday this year he got plenty of semi-healthy treats, as he is still an overweight boy. The humans in the house got to enjoy soft pretzels. Both Hershey and Butterscotch checked out the pretzels, but one sniff was enough for them to know they were not interested in such things. “Where’s the good stuff, human?” Happy Birthday Hershey-pie!

Bunny Brothers

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“Hershey & Butterscotch”



Now that we’re doing bonding in the living room next to my boys Hershey and Butterscotch’s area, Cameron gets to say hello to them after the bonding session. He used to live in part of the living room and saw the boys all of the time. He hasn’t seen them much since he moved upstairs to be with Piper, so I don’t know if he misses them. Hopefully he’s happy with Piper, but he does now get to meet with them for a bit after bonding every day. I think the boys would rather meet up with Piper, but Cameron is all the boy she can handle!

A Few Licks in the Right Direction

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“Cameron & Piper”

We finally had a breakthrough in bonding between Cameron and Piper yesterday. He groomed both of her eyes and the top of her head. He did this just after she nipped at him for not grooming, so I don’t know if he was responding to that. I also wasn’t expecting him to repeat it quickly, but he did it again today during a session. Just once, 12 minutes in, he licked her eyes and head again. When he was done he hopped away so I ended the session there. If this keeps up, hopefully she’ll groom him back a little. She still gets nervous when he “runs” over to her. He only has one speed because of his wonky legs. Once he gets going, he has to go fast to maintain momentum, and she’s still afraid of that. Maybe with longer sessions she will get more comfortable. He has certainly gotten more comfortable with her and that has made a big difference in the sessions.

Scratching to Make it Comfy

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Douglas is visiting us for a couple of days this week. He’s a very needy boy, and comes right over to me for pets. He made me get on the floor last night, but maybe he’ll come up on the couch tonight. He’s jumped up onto his little box, but not the couch yet. He likes to scratch at the top of that box before he lies down on it, like a dog does!

Keeping Warm, the Smart Way

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Misty knows how to keep warm on cold nights, she snuggles into her litter box. She settles in like a bird on a nest and if she has to go the bathroom, she’s already there! And if she happens to get a little hungry, there’s plenty of hay around to munch on. The only reason to come out is for pets or to get a drink of water. Leonidas spends most of the day in a big cardboard box. It’s next to the baseboard heating, so heat likely gets trapped in the box, making for a toasty little clubhouse.

Hershey’s Spa Day

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I startled Misty last night when I had to come downstairs “after bedtime” and she thumped, which set off my Butterscotch thumping. He’s always such a sympathetic thumper. Then I stand there and wait to see if anyone thumps, and as soon as I leave, I always hear a little thump. Once they get started it takes a while for them to finally stop.

I groomed my Hershey today and clipped his nails. As a Mini Rex, his shorter fur makes for a different kind of grooming session. I can’t use a comb on him, so I just use my fingers to rake through his fur. His nails are also more tricky to cut because he’s dark. Normally nails can be cut to the fur line, but with Rex fur, that would be too short. I only take a bit off at a time with him and do it more often than the other rabbits. Since he’s a little overweight, he sometimes steps on his cecotropes and I have to comb it out off his feet. If it builds up too much it can tear the fur off accidentally and I don’t want him to get sore hocks. He got some banana for being a good boy, even though I know he hates me now!

Nudges and Boxes

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Misty is such a lively little girl. She follows me around whenever I go in her pen and gives me nudges for attention. After she gets some pets out of me, she hops over the fence where Leonidas is sleeping and settles in there, with a good view of him. He’s not quite as friendly with me, but some buns are like that. As long as I feed him, he’s happy. I offered to pet him, but he boxed me away. I think he just wanted to sleep. No problem, I got plenty of other rabbits to pet!

Black and Gray Beauties

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Misty and Leonidas are staying with us for the weekend. They’re both very sweet rescue. Misty waited no time exploring and chinning everything as her own. Leo is mostly blind so I made sure he knew where his food was, not that a bunny’s nose needs any help! Neither want much to do with me yet, but we’ll spend some time together this evening and hopefully I’ll get a few pets in.

Kids Going Home From Kamp

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This fluffy trio is hopping on home soon, but we had a lot of fun here at Kamp Kronenberg. Celine loved tossing the stacking cups. I’ll have to recommend her parents get her a set. Ronan liked chatting with my Hershey about important rabbit business, I’m sure. Brandon and I had lots of good cuddles. He is such a snuggle bunny, although I think he might still like food more than pets. That’s the great dilemma for rabbits, “do I stop being petting to go eat, or do I stay and hope the food is still there later? Oh if only I could do both without getting up!”

Blueberry Buddy

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“Ronan, Celine & Brandon”

Brandon comes over to me for his snuggles every night. He’s such a sweetie. All he wants are pets, and he would snuggle in for hours, just like my Cameron. Last night I was eating blueberries, and he must have smelled them because he was extra friendly. Once you give a rabbit one blueberry though, they’re going to keep asking for more until they’re gone, so I had to quick scarf the rest up!

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