The Three Little Bunnies

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Today is my Butterscotch and Hershey’s gotcha day. They entered out house 5 years ago as foster buns, but hopped and grunted their way into our hearts to become Kronenbuns forever. We love you crazy brothers!

It’s incredibly windy here right now, so it’s quite noisy outside. So far the rabbits don’t seem too bothered, that I can see. I told them we live in a brick house, so they don’t have to worry about anything happening to them. I thought about the story of the three little pigs, and realized they probably have never heard it, (because why would they?) so I gave them the short version:

There were these pigs who lived in the woods, for some reason, and a wolf was trying to eat them because he loved bacon, apparently. One made a house from straw, because I guess he liked the beach. The wolf blew that down easily. The second made a house out of sticks because he wanted to be like Abe Lincoln, but the wolf blew that one down too. The last one made a house out of bricks because he was an engineer, like my brother, and that one could withstand a hurricane. Moral: brick house is safe, pigs (and bunnies) are safe inside.

Sometimes they seem to understand when I explain things, or maybe they just let me think that so that I’ll stop talking and go get them a treat.

Permission to Pet, Denied!

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Sal was perched up on top of the couch this morning. He was looking out the windows, or at least seemed to be. He knows how to be king of the castle! When I fed them this morning I had to move the pellet bowl Minnie was eating from, but she thought I was trying to touch her. “No way, human!” She pulled her head back so fast! That’s okay, Minnie, I have a rabbit just like that. Some buns love to be petted, like Sal, others would rather you just dropped their food and ran!

Couches: The Latest Trend in Bunny-Naps

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“Minnie & Sal”



What’s cuter than a bunny on a couch? Three bunnies on the couch. They’re adorable, even though they may dig and make some holes. That’s why there’s sheets on top. My own rabbits don’t really go up on the couch much, but some rabbits love it. Sal and Minnie are practically living up there, aside from eating and using the litter box. Can’t say I blame them, curling up the couch for a nap sounds like a lovely idea!

Bunny Kingdom

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“Sal & Minnie”

Annie bun is visiting us for a couple of days, so the living room is full of bunnies! They all hopped up on the couches in their pens to get a better look at each other. Rabbits are often very curious, and these buns are no exception. My boys are happy that some of the visitors are girls, not that it really makes much of a difference. They must smell different to them though, and they like girls better. My Piper sits at her spot at the top of the stairs and looks down at everyone from the hall. She know she’s queen of the castle, so she likes to keep an eye on all the little subjects in her kingdom.

Little Boss Lady-Bun

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“Sal & Minnie”

Every evening, Sal and Minnie commandeer my couch. Last night I sat down while they were eating and shortly they both joined me up there. Sal came over for petting, so we snuggled, but Minnie is not a snuggler. She parked herself about a foot away from Sal and watched us the whole time. She’s just gotta make sure I don’t hurt her man! They’re so adorable together, but you can tell she wears the pants in their relationship, as most female buns do. Rabbit colonies in the wild are naturally matriarchal, and even in domestic settings, ladies are the boss!

Bunnies Explore & Conquer

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Sal & Minnie are visiting for President’s week so we’ve moved bonding back downstairs to the den while they take us residence in the living room. At first, the pair didn’t want to come out of their carrier when they arrived, but eventually they got comfortable and first Minnie, then Sal came out to explore. They move hopped all over the pen, sniffing and chinning everything. They both periscoped up to the couch that I was sitting on, but no one jumped up until after I had left. When I went to bed last, I checked on them and they were both snuggling on the couch. Adorable!

When the Bonding Gets Bitey

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“Cameron & Piper”


“Bunny Bonding Arm-Guard”

After a bad session where Piper and Cam started to fight and I got in between and subsequently bit a bit, I made this arm-guard. I’d been using heavy winter gloves, but I like to be able to use my hands during the session and it’s kind of hard to with those things on. With this guard I can still use my fingers to pet etc. but my arm is protected if I need to stick it between them to separate a tussle. I sewed together two shirt sleeves with some pillow fluff inside. So far it’s been working pretty well, but I haven’t had any test bites yet.

Piper has been grooming him a bit more, but he’s taking his sweet time in the sessions before he’ll groom her. I think he’s still fighting her for dominance. Most of the time they’re either eating hay or hay cubes or snuggling with neither grooming. I’m going to try an even larger space next and maybe some stress bonding in the car to get Piper more comfortable with Cam being near her. She’s still jumpy around him.

Snuggles and Nips

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“Cameron & Piper”

These two look bonded in the photo above, but two months into bonding and we’re still not there yet. Once Cam and Piper come together for snuggle and maybe some grooming, they’re fine, but it can be a struggle getting to that point. Cam is so eager to be with her that he’ll shove his head anywhere under her body, and Piper is not having that. She’ll only tolerate it at her head, otherwise she bites. She also will give him a nip as she passes by him, so I have to always have a hand guarding her mouth when they get close.

She must see him as a threat, that sweet little guy. If she starts a tussle though, he will reciprocate, so it’s important that my eyes are on them the entire half hour session to stop any fights before they start. It might mean that I get nipped at a bit, but I’d rather that than each other. We’re made a lot of progress so far, but we still have a long way to go until they can be left alone together. Bonding isn’t easy, but it’s so nice to see them snuggle.

Bonding Snuggles

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Yesterday and again today Piper flopped on her side in the bonding pen and then lay down for a nap. Cam came over to her and they had some snuggles. Today she didn’t try to bite him at all and they both did a little grooming. Sometimes I think she has a very short term memory, and forgets that he’s in the pen with her until he comes over to her. I do think they are getting more comfortable with each other though. I still hover over them with my hand when the snuggle and keep my body between them when they are apart, but I don’t have my hands on Piper very much at all. Keep up the good work guys!

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