Car Bonding & Bigger Spaces

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“Piper & Cameron”

I’ve been trying a couple of new things in the bonding department. I recently expanded their bonding pen in my living room to the entire living room, furniture included. So far they haven’t gotten into any fights. Some minor aggression, but I think having more space is helping them. Most of they time they run around on their own and just run past one another. There is some snuggling. Yesterday Piper did runs behind a couch and Cameron was in her path. I thought she was going to run him over, as she is prone to not pay attention to obstacles, but he saw her coming and bolted out of the way. Glad he can move as fast as she can!

I also tried car bonding. We folded the seats down in the back of our SUV and my mom drove around the neighborhood while I sat in the back with the buns on a blanket. Cameron was totally fine, jumping in and out of a litter box and even taking a bath. Piper was more nervous and came over to me to snuggle. They both did snuggle after 15 minutes and seemed to do fairly well. I’d definitely try it again, but I think the living room space is giving them more chances to get comfortable with each other’s movements.

Happy Easter from the Kronenbuns!

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“Piper & Cameron”


“Hershey & Butterscotch”


I Don’t Bond With No Cats or Dogs

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I brought Cameron and Piper to one of our rescue’s bonding experts for some advice. They made a lot of progress, but recently seem to have stalled. He has gained more confidence and fights back if she lashes out at him, in addition to spraying both she and I with urine.

Unfortunately Piper was so freaked out by the cats and dog in the house that she was unable to calm down from most of the visit. They did snuggle a bit and he groomed her but it wasn’t a typical session for them.

The next day during bonding Piper was more on edge than usual and when it was time to go back in her carrier she freaked out and refused. I let her stay alone in the bonding pen for another half an hour before getting her back upstairs in a different carrier. Then yesterday she flat-out refused to go in her regular carrier to go downstairs for bonding but was okay with using the other carrier again.

Maybe it smells like the other animals? I’ll wash it and in the meantime keep using the other carrier for her. I always knew she was a sensitive girl but this is more fussy than I’m used to for her. Fortunately she’s acting okay during bonding and other times, she just doesn’t want to go in that carrier.

Clean My Room, Human!

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“Cameron & Butterscotch”

I cleaned Cameron and Piper’s room yesterday, which meant they both had to go in separate rooms for an hour and a half. I was able to do it right before bonding to prevent even more shifting around for them, but Cam wasn’t happy about being shut in another room. I think he was much happier when he went downstairs for bonding and then when he got to see the clean room later. I’d let him stay in, since I don’t think he’d eat the vacuum wire, but it’s too dangerous with the fences that I have to move around. Rabbits have a knack for going under a fence that’s leaning, and potentially knocking it over.

Lately Butterscotch and Hershey seem to want to be a part of their younger sibling’s bonding sessions. Butterscotch jump up onto a stool and sometimes the couch to get a better view of them. I keep a cardboard barrier between two fences during bonding so they can’t see each other. But they know they’re there. I don’t want to upset Piper, she’s so sensitive. I usually send her up first, and once it’s just the boys downstairs, sometimes I take away the cardboard and let Cam say hello to his big brothers. They’re so sweet, but I know better than to try and make them a trio!

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