Butterscotch’s New Bun-Cave

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My Butterscotch just loves his new little bun-cave. My mom and dad made him a new hangout spot from a giant cardboard box and he can’t get enough of it. He takes his morning nap there, his afternoon nap, his evening nap, and then his midnight nap. He naps a lot, as rabbits do, so having a nice and cozy napping spot is essential for the modern rabbit. Butterscotch has very discerning taste, but approves of this new structure wholeheartedly. There’s even plenty of room to share with his brother Hershey, which being the sweet rabbit Butters is, he never minds doing. 5 stars!

My Little Helper Bun

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“Piper & Cameron”

The Kronenbuns are in the midst of preparing for our move to Florida. Piper has been very helpful in knocking over boxes and standing in doorways while we move furniture. She loves the new extra space she has in the almost empty room now and keeps trying to break into the suitcase that’s full of rabbit food. She’s like a furry troublesome toddler. Cameron isn’t usually far behind, but a least he’s not quite as destructive as his big sister.

I Only Want the Good Bits

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Lately my Butterscotch hasn’t been eating his pellets at the same pace as usual. Sometimes he eats them all, other times he seems uninterested. He already gets fed four times each day because he has to eat separately from his “big” brother, but he needs more like 5 feedings to finish all the pellets. He’s great on the greens and hay, but even the tastiest pellets seem unappealing. He’s an incredibly fussy eater, and so he fits in very well with this family. The other buns in the house are much less discerning and would fight each other to get the last piece of anything. Butters would eat anything rubbed with a raisin, so I’ve done that a few times when he scoffs at his pellets. He’s like a kid that only wants to eat the marshmallows out of the cereal bowl!

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