Explosion of Fur

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“Cameron & Piper”

Every bun at our house is shedding. It’s a fur frenzy! I’ve been grooming Piper, Hershey and Butterscotch for the past couple of weeks. There’s white chunks of Piper all over the floor.┬áThen, just a couple of days ago, Cameron started to get a little scruffy on his shoulder blades. When he sheds, he has a shed line that follows a neat and orderly pattern. He’s got a little horseshoe where the new fur meets the old fur after I groom him. I try and groom them all a little bit every day on the floor, but still need to pick some of them up for more extensive brushing. They make me feel a lot better about leaving my own shed hair strands all over the house!

Invisible Barriers

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Of my four rabbits, only my oldest, Hershey, will hop on the tile floor in our floor. My girl, Piper will hop anywhere there is a rug, but the other two, Butterscotch and Cameron, will only stay in their areas. Butters will not leave his room, even to go to on a runner rug into the living room. Cameron will hop down the hall between bedrooms, but will not continue into the living room with Piper. They’re created invisible barriers for themselves, that will not cross, at least not yet. It certainly makes it easier for me. Hershey on the other hand, once slipped past an open gate and hopped all the way down the hall into my bedroom. Fortunately Piper and Cameron were not in there just then or a huge fight would have broken out!

Bunnies on the Island and the Table

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My Piper has been getting bolder and bolder in the new house. She loves running into the kitchen and lying underneath the table, but now she’s decided that she wants to be more adventurous. A few times last week she jumped up onto the chairs and was eyeing the table. My Hershey was in stasis last week and we were medicating him on the kitchen island. Piper, of course, had to come out to see what was going on. This was the moment that she decided to jump up on the kitchen table.

Poor Hershey was getting his temperature taken and Piper was running around the table. Fortunately he was facing away from her, or he might have jumped off the island! Since then, Hershey has made a full recovery and the kitchen chairs are being pushed in all the way now.

Piper, the Alarm Clock

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“Piper & Cameron”

Nearly every morning my Piper jumps up on the bed to wake me. Unfortunately it’s usually about a half an hour earlier than I actually want to get up. One time I was confused and thought my alarm didn’t go off. I thanked her for getting me up. It wasn’t until I was feeding Hershey and Butterscotch that I realized I had gotten up earlier than intended! She learned, jump up on bed, wake human, get fed!

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