Bunnies Under the Tree

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I had some nice couch time with Budgie, but Snoopy didn’t really want much petting. He ran under the Christmas tree when I came over, so I let him be. Budgie did so many runs last night!

I was glad both Budge and Snoops are both so well behaved, because yesterday I had to spend the morning and early afternoon taking care of Charlie. He must have been gassy, because he refused his morning pellets, which he never does. After 4 hours, 5 syringe feedings, and some quality time together with a heating pad, Charlie is back to his normal self. It’s times like this where I’m glad he’s so smart. He did NOT like being cooped up in his carrier on the heating pad, but understood that I was doing it to help him, so he didn’t fuss. Once he started trying to escape, I knew he was feeling better.


Fifth Year of the Charlie

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Charlie was very excited for his party. As soon as the decorations went up in the morning he was binkying around, waiting for more. He loved his presents, all treats of course, and so did Bella. She even took a nibble out of his Netherland Dwarf cake. That girl will eat anything sweet. Sadie and Allison were less thrilled with the cake. Sadie ran away from it, and Allison wouldn’t go near it.

Sadie is going home today, but Allison won’t be a single bun for long. Tonight, Hudson is coming, followed by her siblings in a week. Kamp Kronenberg has never been busier, much to my dad’s chagrin.

Birthday Bunnies!

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Today is Charlie’s birthday, and Sadie’s half-birthday. We’re having a little party later today and I baked a cake. Both bunnies are well aware that it’s their special day and expect privileges accordingly. I have to be extra nice and accommodating, as if I’m not already. Last night Sadie tried to chew on the heat convector and I put a stop to it. Now she says she should be allowed to do it today because it’s her half-birthday. I don’t think so!  Her rowdy spirit whipped Allison up last night too. She was rattling her fence so much the gate swung open. Fortunately, she’s a good girl and didn’t jump out.

Happy New ‘Ear!

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Wow, it feels like a lot longer than a week has passed, but that was Christmas right there! Charlie and Bella had a great time meeting Benita and chinning their new chair. I don’t think they minded very much when she left though. I think the humans were more bothered by her absence.

The buns have New Years Resolutions for the first time this year, Charlie’s is to eat faster so that Bella doesn’t get all the good stuff before him, and Bella’s is finally bite through the wall to get into our brother’s room. Good luck to both of them. My resolution is to learn to take their temperatures so I can do it if they get sick. I know it in theory, but practice makes perfect, unless you fail at practice.

So Happy New Years to our readers! Personally, I don’t like “2013” because it’s a prime number, but as the buns sleep soundly on floor, I don’t think they mind what year it is as long as the local illegal fireworks going off in the distance don’t disturb them.

On the 3rd Day … Santa Gave to Me: 3 Thumping Bunnies

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Christmas Eve sure was an event at our house tonight. I brought Charlie and Bella down for presents and they had a great time trying to see Benita. They were so over-anxious that we had to add a second fence between them, because Bella figured out how to go between the scarves on the fence to look out. Charlie, as usual, tried to stick his nose through the fence as much as he could. I think Benita is a little too feisty though. She did keep looking at the fence long after our duo had gone back upstairs.

The big hit with our buns was a little wooden Adirondack chair. They chinned and chewed on it like it was made of sugarcoated carrot. I think Benita’s favorite gift was having two other bunnies around.

An Odorous Christmas Adventure

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We brought the bunnies downstairs this morning to check out the Christmas tree before we start bunny-sitting next weekend. I think they were less interested in the tree and more curious about the smells from the rabbits we’ve had down their recently. I’ve never seen Charlie chin the ground before, but he was doing so quite aggressively today.

It was fairly easy to get them both up and down (they each went in the litter box one way) which is very unlike them. I was afraid Charlie would think he was going back to the vet, but he was okay. As long as they’re together I don’t think they really mind anything. They acted similarly calm when we relocated for the hurricane. All they need is each other to be happy (collective awwww here).

Bella lost a couple of ounces, and is now down to 5lbs. 10oz. which is the lightest she’s been since we’ve had her! I don’t know what she’s doing, but I guess it works for her. It’s not like I’ve been giving them less treats or anything…  Charlie lost a little too recently so maybe it’s partly all that fur they lost. Literally SHEDDING the ounces.

Charlie says “No” to food???

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Poor little Charlie has tummy trouble on Saturday but fortunately he’s all better now. He’s had gas problems before, but this time his body temp was so low that we took him to the vet and they warmed him up. We gave him pain and gas meds at home, but it’s under 70 degrees in the house and I guess he just got too cold from not moving. If we’d realized we could have tried to warm him up.

We had to leave him overnight at the vet. I don’t know who it was more traumatizing for: me, Charlie, or my mom. Bella, as per usual, didn’t seem to notice anything was wrong. I suppose she just figured Charlie was in another room. I think he handled it okay, and was just one sleepy bunny when we took him home. Bella kept sniffing him all over (you smell like other bunnies!!) and waking him up, so I had to become a human shield between them so he could catch up on his Zzzs.

He’s back to his normal self now, grunting at mom, grooming his girl, and of course, being the first one at the food bowls.

Rabbits to the Rescue!!

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The buns are trying to be so helpful lately. Last week, my brother didn’t have his early class one morning and was sleeping in. Bella, however, didn’t know this and tried to prevent him from oversleeping and scratched at his door at 8:30 in the morning until he finally got up. (I think she probably just wanted to get fed, but i’ll let her think she was doing something good.)

Then a few days later, mom was having a lot of gas in her tummy, so she borrowed some of Charlie’s gas medicine. Apparently gassy troubles run in our family.

We got out the Halloween decorations this week. Oh how the buns love new stuff! Bella doesn’t quite understand the jack-o-lanterns though. The little ghosts, however, are a huge hit. Charlie quite likes to snuggle with them for some reason.

Bella’s Empty Nest

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Charlie is checking out the closet, because Bella built a nest again. Womp, womp. She hasn’t done this since January, but it’s still not a happy sight.

Thursday and Friday she started bringing some hay into the closet at 11:30 am, but stopped before noon. Then on Saturday she continued on into the late afternoon and even picked it up again in the evening, taking occasional breaks throughout the day. I can’t imagine all this work would be easy for her if she actually was pregnant.

She continued to build her nest yesterday for two hours in the afternoon, but that was the end of it. Fortunately there was no activity in the closet today save for Charlie exploring the strange new thing in the back of the closet.

Now I just have to clean up the pile of hay on the floor. I’m not even gonna think about cleaning the closet for a couple of weeks.

It’s MyPhone Now!

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I just got a new Samsung Galaxy Note and the buns aren’t too keen on it taking my attention away from them. They both tried to bite it, stared at it, and eventually decided it was better to integrate it into their own schtick than to compete with it.

Not that they have any idea what it actually is. They just know it’s one of my toys and that I spend a lot of time playing with it when I should be petting them instead. Somehow, I need to grow a third hand. Then everyone would be happy!

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