Chilly Snuggles

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Lily went home this morning. Even though she’ll probably be happy there, she did NOT want to get in her carrier. She was Miss Thumpy and Evasive!

We cleaned up a bit and now Hershey and Butterscotch have the whole living room to run around in. They didn’t waste any time. Hershey made several laps through the kitchen, living room and dining room and was a very happy boy!

It’s gotten quite cold here lately so I’ve told the buns to snuggle up at night. They’re lucky they’ve got fur. Our house doesn’t heat very evenly so I have to put on multiple layers to keep warm. A snuggle with a bun doesn’t hurt either!

Quirks of White Buns

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Lily makes cute little slurping noises while drinking. I don’t think she’s a big fan of all of the people in our house though. She’ll be glad to go home tomorrow, even if she does miss Hershey and Butterscotch a little. I know they’ll miss her. I wonder how they’d be if Bella lived downstairs. I don’t think she’d be as interested in them though. She’s more of a people-rabbit, but is generally happiest when she’s left alone to do what she wants.

I’ve tried yet another litter box/puppy pad setup in my room to placate both Charlie (won’t use a box) and Bella (wants to dig everything). I’m clipping a reusable puppy pad in a large plastic litter box with the front cut off. So far Bella can’t pull the pad out, just the hay, so Charlie still has somewhere to pee. She’s biting holes in the pads, but they still function, so I guess I’ll just have to deal with that for now.

Wherefore Art Thou Lily?

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“Butterscotch, Hershey & Lily”

Lily started thumping in the afternoon yesterday. I guess I must have startled, she scares easily. Butterscotch thumped once but fortunately didn’t set off a chain reaction.

Lily and Hershey were looking at each other through the fence last night like Romeo and Juliet. It was so adorable. Later Hershey and Butters were up on the couch looking down at her. Sort of a balcony scene reversal!

I got to pet both boys in evening, which isn’t a very common occurrence. I sniffed Butters for the first time I realized. He smells different from Charlie and Bella. She smells like candy, Charlie smells like apple, and Butters smells a little spicy. I sniffed Hershey later and he smells like wood—probably because he chews on so much of it.

Don’t Look Over There!

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We let Hershey and Butterscotch under the Christmas tree last night. They were pretty good about and it didn’t go for any wires.I don’t think Lily liked not being the center of attention for a few minutes though. “Come over here and look at me again!” Eventually, the boys lost interest in the tree and were right back to running around and hanging out by Lily. She hasn’t really wanted me to be petting her lately, but always wants to see the boys when they come over. I guess I’m just not as interesting as a rabbit, to a rabbit.

Everybody Loves Lily

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“Charlie (2009)”

Lily was so relaxed yesterday. She did a bunny flop and stretched her feet out. By this morning she was running around and chewing on a cardboard box. I heard noises and went downstairs to check on her and saw Hershey just opposite her on the other side of the fence, and Butterscotch on the couch above them. Two layers of boys! They both seem to really like her, and best of all, Hershey isn’t terrorizing Butters when he tries to get close to her either. Maybe he learned some manners? Nah…

The boys still want to go under the Christmas tree. We’ll have to let them under there, supervised, before it comes down in a few days. All bunnies seem to love the Christmas tree. When we brought down Charlie for his first Christmas, he spent the whole evening under the tree. He was sniffing, exploring—and eventually—sleeping underneath the tree. Perhaps it reminds them of the forest of their wild ancestors.

A Girl—My Favorite!

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“Hershey & Lily”

Hershey came over and lay down next to Lily a lot yesterday. He was a very good boy! Lily didn’t seem to mind the boys being there, but earlier in the day she slept far back in the pen for a little privacy. We cleaned up the dining room today and the boys didn’t seem to mind being in the living room by Lily for a little while. They came back in when we were done to explore, and chin everything, but it didn’t take long for them to go right back to where they could see Lily.

Hoppy New Year!

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”

We had some fireworks in the neighborhood around midnight last night, but the rabbits didn’t seem to mind too much. It wasn’t anywhere as bad as on the Fourth of July, but there was one really loud one. My brother thought it sounded like an M-80. Bunnies say, “it’s too cold out there for fireworks, come inside for a snuggle!”

My dad gave Fulton a cookie last night and he jumped up on the couch with him too. He’s such a sweet boy. He really didn’t want to go home this morning. Poor little guy, didn’t want to leave his camp friends! My brother and I were playing a board game in his pen yesterday when he gave my brother a shock. He sneaked behind him and put his paws on his back. Boy did my brother shriek! Good thing he didn’t try and bite him! I rewarded Fulton with lots of petting after that.

Lily yawned like a lion last night. She’s certainly got the fluffy mane of one. After Fulton left this morning, we’ve let Butterscotch and Hershey into the other half of the living room to run around. They both went to see Lily and she didn’t seem to mind the attention. At one point, Butters lied down under the coffee table and Lily up against the fence between them. So far Hershey has been behaving too.

Two White & Spotted

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“Bella & Charlie

Last night Lily was a very busy bunny. I was watching her on the webcam after I put the downstairs bunnies “to bed” and suddenly she erupted into a series of bunny runs and binkies. It was even loud enough for me to hear! She’s not too active during the day when I’ve seen her, so I guess she exercises at night. Go girl, go!

Fulton is finally spending more time on the couch. Now he jumps up whenever someone comes in to beg for his treat. He came over to say hello to Lily in the afternoon and they were both a little shy about it. Aw! Neither has a bunny friend at home so maybe they like having another member of their species to communicate with here. I always try and encourage bunny socialization.

These two buns are the fluffy versions of my Charlie and Bella. One white girl, and one spotted boy. Fulton is a lot like Charlie in personality, but Lily is nothing like my Bella. She’s a bit timid and nice, while Bella is fearless, very active and doesn’t appreciate needless bothering. Lately, Bella has been digging in the litter box / pad area every night. She’s been waking me up at 8:45 everyday. I guess she wants me to get up early. Today, actually, was the first day in a while that she did NOT dig during the night. I guess she was trying to be nice and let me sleep, so she started digger AFTER I woke up!

1 Lionhead & 1/2 Lionhead

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Jeffrey went home last night, and was very happy to see his family. We’ll miss the little piggy, but know he’ll be happy to be home with his pet dog.

Last night my brother pet Fulton for a very long time. He purred a lot and at one point my brother got up to leave and Fulton didn’t want him to stop. Aw! So, he stayed a bit longer and Fulton was happy. My brother likes to get a bunny to lay down, but Fulton was a tough cookie. He’s stubborn, just like my Charlie.

Fluffy Lily arrived this morning. I always love seeing her again. She’s by far the fluffiest rabbit we’ve had here. I’ve only seen more fluff in angora rabbits. She’s a little skittish so she was running around a bit earlier today, but seems generally satisfied with her accommodations. Hershey came over to see her and Fulton even slunk out his little cubby and came over to the fence to say “hello” to Lily.

No Thumps About It

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Fulton runs over every time we come in for a treat. He dances around us just like my Charlie. He’s so much like him, in manner and appearance. When the mail came this morning he got a little frightened and started thumping, but a cookie quickly calmed him down. Fortunately Butterscotch didn’t receive the call and start thumping himself. He’s a sympathetic thumper.

Butterscotch and Hershey are happy to have more space back. They’re still confined to the dining room, but they can see into the living room now and upstairs a little as well. Hershey is definitely happier when he knows what’s going on in the house.

Jeffrey came over for a snuggle last night and liked running circles around me on the floor. I guess I make a good obstacle course for a guinea pig. Best part is not having to worry about being nipped under my legs like I do with rabbits. Jeffrey’s not as impatient about getting obstacles out of his way!

Yesterday I had to replace the power supply on my brother’s computer so he borrowed my laptop for a little while. He complained there was bunny fur in the keyboard. Oops! Occupational hazard I’m afraid.


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