New House, Same Rabbits

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”

I brought down Butterscotch and Hershey this past weekend and now all four of our rabbits are safe and adjusting in our new home. The trip was harder on the boys, as they’re both 8 years old. Butters has always had issues with eating and stasis, and the stress of the trip combined with stress from car rides to prepare him for the trip meant he was not happy. He didn’t eat much the two travel days, and has slowly started to eat better as he settles in here.

Hershey wasn’t thrilled with the car ride, but liked all the extra treats that he stole from Butters, who didn’t want them. They have a room all to themselves, but can see our other rabbits on the other side of the house, across the living room. I don’t know if they will walk on the tile yet, so fence for now. The other two will not, but Hershey won’t let any obstacles stand in his way if he’s properly motivated.


Bring on the Bunny Thunder!

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Our new house has concrete floors under the carpet while our old one had wood, and the rabbits are so much louder on the concrete. Bunny runs, either for fun or if they get startled, sound much louder. The ceilings are also higher, which means more echo effect so it often sounds like a rocket taking off instead of a rabbit. This is especially striking when it’s in the middle of the night, for apparently no reason. And thumps, my god the thumps are supersonic now! Little Cameron’s thumps sound like fireworks. So now when they get startled, they raise enough of a ruckus to scare me too!

Hoppy 8th Buttersotch!

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Today is my Butterscotch’s 8th Birthday. We celebrated a couple of weeks ago when I was back in New York with an ice cream cake so that I wouldn’t miss it. Butters hasn’t been eating great lately, but he gobbled down all those birthday treats. Fruit and hay for bunnies, ice cream for the humans!

Hershey always seems to eat something off the birthday cakes. When it’s fruit, I understand, but this time it was a small piece of fondant. Even I don’t like to eat that! He’s got an iron stomach that one, so I don’t think it hurt him. I quickly took the cake away though. It’s better than when he nibbled on a piece of candle!

Exploring New Turf

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“Cameron & Piper”

My Cameron and Piper are getting settled in at our new house. Oddly enough their favorite spot in under a chair in my bedroom. If I can’t find them, that’s where they usually are. I’m keeping closets mostly closed now, as that’s where a lot of boxes and things without homes yet are being kept, so of course that just makes them want to rush in whenever I open one up. They don’t seem to really get the concept of “bunny-safe.” They just want to explore everywhere new, and of course mark it as theirs.

Butterscotch’s New Bun-Cave

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My Butterscotch just loves his new little bun-cave. My mom and dad made him a new hangout spot from a giant cardboard box and he can’t get enough of it. He takes his morning nap there, his afternoon nap, his evening nap, and then his midnight nap. He naps a lot, as rabbits do, so having a nice and cozy napping spot is essential for the modern rabbit. Butterscotch has very discerning taste, but approves of this new structure wholeheartedly. There’s even plenty of room to share with his brother Hershey, which being the sweet rabbit Butters is, he never minds doing. 5 stars!

My Little Helper Bun

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“Piper & Cameron”

The Kronenbuns are in the midst of preparing for our move to Florida. Piper has been very helpful in knocking over boxes and standing in doorways while we move furniture. She loves the new extra space she has in the almost empty room now and keeps trying to break into the suitcase that’s full of rabbit food. She’s like a furry troublesome toddler. Cameron isn’t usually far behind, but a least he’s not quite as destructive as his big sister.

I Only Want the Good Bits

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Lately my Butterscotch hasn’t been eating his pellets at the same pace as usual. Sometimes he eats them all, other times he seems uninterested. He already gets fed four times each day because he has to eat separately from his “big” brother, but he needs more like 5 feedings to finish all the pellets. He’s great on the greens and hay, but even the tastiest pellets seem unappealing. He’s an incredibly fussy eater, and so he fits in very well with this family. The other buns in the house are much less discerning and would fight each other to get the last piece of anything. Butters would eat anything rubbed with a raisin, so I’ve done that a few times when he scoffs at his pellets. He’s like a kid that only wants to eat the marshmallows out of the cereal bowl!

Hoppy 3rd Birthday Cameron

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“Piper & Cameron”


“Cameron & Piper”

Yesterday was my Cameron’s 3rd birthday and his first bonded to his bun-wife Piper. She was more than happy to share in his birthday treats while the humans in the family enjoyed a cake. The Jones Beach air show was this past weekend and the Thunderbirds were in town. Now that Cameron is free roam upstairs with Piper, he has been moving around so fast. He’s almost impossible to catch when I need to get him, so I’ve been calling him my little Thunderbird. He still has a little wobble when he’s standing still but he’s as fast a jet when he moves!

Rabbit Road Trips

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“Butterscotch & Hershey

I have started taking my two pairs of rabbits for car rides to get them acclimated to traveling in the car before we move them down to Florida next month. We’re taking one pair at a time, and then I’m flying home to bring the second pair down. Now that Piper and Cameron are bonded, it will make it a lot easier. I’m still keeping them in separate carriers in the car, but can let them run around in the back at rest stops. My boys I may keep in the same, larger carrier as my Butterscotch upsets so easily and his brother, Hershey, is such a comfort to him. He was not thrilled about going to the park last week.

When Bunnies Suddenly Decide They’re Fine With Being Bonded

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“Piper & Cameron”

While I was away last week, my Piper and Cameron decided that they finally wanted to be bonded. My mom and brother did a bonding session because she kept lying outside of his pen and they seemed to miss their daily sessions together. Once I came home I let them out together for a few hours and they were very good. Then yesterday, Cameron figured out how to move the the bricks I had blocking the underside of my bed and ran under. I had to open up his pen to get him out and he and Piper both ran into the hallway together and snuggled. They were doing so well that I let them stay out together with occasional monitoring for the rest of the day.

This morning I let them out together and they have been good so far. No aggression, but he did mount her side, perpendicular, a few times. She just runs away and doesn’t retaliate, thank goodness. I guess he’s still trying to be the boss, but I don’t think that’s going to happen with her. I’m still keeping them separate at night for now, but they are doing so well together after nearly 6 months of bonding efforts!

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