Keeping the Kronenbuns Healthy

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My Butterscotch went into stasis again on Friday, three days after dropping his double-daily dose of Relgan to 0.75mls. We medicated him with Reglan, Simethicone and Metacam and fortunately his temp usually doesn’t drop below 101. He was eating again in three hours and has been fine since.  After eliminating greens, all I can hope for now is that 1ml of Relgan twice a day will keep him stable. He has yet to get stasis on that maintenance dosage yet, so that may need to be where he stays for now.

My Charlie is still having trouble maintaining his weight, so i tried him on 1mg of Periactin once a day to stimulate his appetite. That works, but I’m concerned he may be having seizures as a result. I found him on his side on Friday and then when he got up he wobbled a little. He did something similar the week before, but I was unsure of what was happening. My dad said maybe stroke. I never actually saw him seize, so I don’t know for sure, but I stopped the Periactin just in case as seizures can be a a side effect. His kidneys may not be functioning as well and that would account for the meds staying in his body longer. I’ll be taking him to the vet soon for some bloodwork and consulting to figure out how to keep the ounces on him without causing him more trouble.


Cameron’s Big Day

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If all goes well tomorrow, my foster bun Cameron will be heading to his forever home! He already had a meet and greet with his new mommy and will get to meet his new dad tomorrow at adoptions. This will be my first foster that is not a failure, but we are certainly going to miss him. My dad made that little table he’s sleeping under, since he loves sleeping under cover. We wish him lots of luck in his new home and his new family!

Bunny-Stall 1.0

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Meds Stall.jpg


P1320331 (1).JPG


We’ve been stasis-free in this house for a few weeks now, but I’d like to share some info from when my Charlie last had stasis and a kidney stone. I had been syringe-feeding him Critical Care twice a day for several days. Anyone who has done this knows it a messy and time-consuming process. I had gotten it down to a routine with Charlie, but it required two people. My dad had the idea of making a stall to keep Charlie from backing up, so I could do it alone. He built me something out a wood and I added the fabric over the edges. It worked pretty well. I had one hand on Charlie and the other on the syringe. He’d get feisty toward the end, but it was definitely do-able.

A couple of weeks later when Cameron got sick, I used to give him his meds on the kitchen counter. Fortunately he’s about the same size so he fit in well and took his meds like a good boy. Butterscotch was the next rabbit to get sick, but he’s a little bigger and always fusses when I give him meds, so he was not willing to sit quietly.  I don’t think a bigger one would work for him, unless it had a top, so I’ll think about that for Bunny-Stall 2.0

That Puddle on the Floor Isn’t From a Bunny!

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Yesterday we had more than a foot of snow on the ground and the barometer dropping rapidly. The rabbits in the house all seemed to know something was up and Charlie spent half of the day out in the hallway. He even ate out there. He knew a blizzard was blowing outside.

Around lunchtime we discovered that the air valve on the baseboard heating in the den was leaking. Oh no! Fortunately there were no rabbits in that room at the time, and even more fortunately our heating company had a guy a couple blocks away from us working on a job. He came right over and quickly replaced the valve, stopping the leak. After us he was quitting for the day since the snow was so bad. All the humans and bunnies are grateful since it’s not just snowy here, it’s also very cold, and we need that heat!

Just a Little Wobble

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Cameron continues to be a cutie. He wobbles a little, but it hasn’t gotten any worse. He tested negative for E.C. (Encephalitozoon Cuniculi), a parasite which can cause balance issues, so I’m thinking it’s likely the ear infection still. Vet thinks it could also be because I’m only doing drops in one ear and maybe that is messing with his equilibrium. She said to try a drop in the other ear for the rest of the week and see if he improves. Aside from a few wobbles, he seems very healthy, and has a great appetite. My dad is forever wanting to feed rabbits who’s “bowls are empty” regardless of whether that’s good for them or now. Fortunately he just tells me to feed them and I can make the call about their diet. Most of the rabbits in the house now put on their “holiday weight” due to all the clover in the current bale of hay. My Charlie is the only one low, due to his age, and how he’d rather eat clover hay than his pellets. If only I could get my Not-So-Mini-Rex, Hershey, to lose weight that way!

Toy Demolition

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All the buns are loving the toys that Rusty gave them for Christmas. One is totally destroyed upstairs, and Cameron is having a good time ripping his apart too. I gave Charlie a butt bath yesterday, the first in a few months. He had been doing very well, but all he needs is to sit back into some cecals once, and then it all cakes up, just under his tail. Fortunately he’s very good about getting a bath in a the kitchen sink. The hay seems to be helping, as it’s full of clover right now and everyone wants to eat it. More hay is always better for good guts!

Hoppy New Year 2018!

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“Piper & Charlie”



2018 started with a bang for me—literally. Someone in our neighborhood always sets off fireworks for every holiday, though I can’t understand how fireworks and Christmas go together, but this guy must think it does. As soon as the ball dropped, loud bangs began. Piper had been giving Charlie his New Year kisses, but she immediately ran into the doorway. She always runs there when she’s scared, I don’t know why. Maybe she had earthquake training? The I heard Butterscotch thumping downstairs so I had to go check on him, and calm him down before he set the other rabbits off. We prefer New Years Day here as we always watch the Tournament of Roses Parade, and this year they even have a bunny float!


Ears Up!

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When I greeted Cameron this morning, I noticed that his right ear is back in the upright position. It must be feeling better and hopefully the infection is dying down. It’s tough to tell if the ear drops are going all the way down into the ear, but he is very good about taking them. Hope you’re all better soon, boy!

Rusty has been trying to make himself more comfy on my couch by digging and fluffing the sheet. Every morning I find it bunched up in a new place, and Rusty at the other end of the couch. He’d probably be one of those hotel guests who leaves the room in a mess when he checks out, blankets and pillows all over like he was having a party!


Silent Dissaproval

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There’s a little cushion we put in hall to see if Piper would like to lay on it. Ever since, she loves plopping down on it. Only problem is that it’s too small to fit her, so she’s either hanging off by her front end or her back end.

I played a board game in Rusty’s pen last night, and this was the first time that he didn’t sit on the couch with me. I think he didn’t like that he wasn’t the center of attention for once. Instead, he sat on the floor, glaring at the game board on the coffee table. He didn’t try to eat any of the parts, he just sat there, silently disapproving. I’ve seen rabbits do that a LOT.

Keeping Bunnies Warm

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It has been very cold here lately, and our furnace is struggling to keep the whole house at comfortable temperatures. Well, comfortable for the humans. The rabbits have fur coats so they can tolerate slightly lower temps than us, but I prefer to keep them at constant temps. I’ve had to open up the cardboard barriers between Rusty and my boys to let the sunshine in to warm up the boys’ pen. That means Rusty gets to say “hello” to Hershey. So far there’s just been fence biting, but when two alpha males get together, there’s always a battle for “top bunny of the house.”

Aside from Cameron’s lopped ear and occasional wobble you wouldn’t even know he has an ear infection. He still hops around fine and has a great appetite. With rabbits, you have to be very observant about any changes in their behavior. Rabbits are very good at hiding problems because they are prey animals, so the slightest change can be cause for alarm. They also tend to go downhill fast as they are fragile animals. Lucky for Cameron he’s inside with savvy caretakers.

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