Dr. Detectives of Bunny-ology

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These two little boys of mine are 8 and 8 and a half years old. That’s getting up there in bunny years so I make sure to pay extra attention to their overall health. They may have a little arthritis but they are mostly in good health. Rabbits are creatures of habit, so any interruptions in their normal behavior are usually a sign of something else. Butterscotch is prone to stasis, so at the first refusal of food, I spring into action and start medicating him. As prey animals, they’re very good at hiding any problems, so us humans have to be detectives and doctors, in addition to the usual bunny-servants.

Happy Birthday Piper!

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“Cameron & Piper”

Today my Piper is five years old. She is definitely a crazy five-year-old. Apparently she thought her birthday started last night as she did want to to go to bed and kept pestering me for treats. She finally had her little party this evening, complete with bunny treats for she and Cameron, and a chocolate peacock for the humans.

She’s really been loving exploring the house, now she that goes on tile, she can go everywhere. I have to be careful to keep certain hallways closed off to her. One of her favorite spots is to sit on top of the ottoman in the living room where she can survey “her” kingdom. I don’t know how little King Hershey of the dining room feels about that.

Butterscotch finally jumped up onto the new couch last night. Hershey hasn’t been up there yet, but he always does bunny runs at dinnertime, all through the living room, dining and kitchen. I’m so glad he’s getting that exercise!

Hoppy Halloween from the Kronenbuns!

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Fortifying the Bunny Room

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”

Now that my Piper is willing to hop all around on the tile floor, I’ve put up a baby gate at the entrance to the living room. Piper says that it’s not fair, and she’s not a baby. She’s going to be five in two weeks, so she’s not wrong, but I still have to keep her safe. In order to make it safer for the buns, and easier for the humans, I’ve put clear acrylic sheets along the pen at the entrance to Hershey and Butterscotch’s room. They’ve taken over what would have been a dining room, so there isn’t a door. I upped the fence height from two feet to three feet to keep the big girl from trying to hop in, and moved around some furniture to help support it when she puts her paws up on it. They’re not terribly impressed by her. They come over to say, “hello,” when she arrives, but quickly move onto other things. They’re older and she’s their kid sister, so naturally she’s going be the one camping out outside their room.

Crossing the Tile Border

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“Piper & Cameron”

My big girl decided that she doesn’t mind going the the tile floor, as long as she goes slowly. Great for her, not so great for me. There’s rugs around the living room where it’s bunny safe, and far enough away from the other rabbits. Now that she’s willing to venture off onto the tile she would be able to hop just about anywhere in the house. As much as she’d love to visit the workshop and say hello to her bunny brothers, it’s just not safe. I’ll have to put a gate up before the living room when I can’t supervise her. She’s not going to be happy to lose the living room, but that big bunny would just get into too much trouble!

Halloween Bunstruction

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It’s October now, and that means the Halloween decorations go up! This year, Hershey and Butterscotch got their own little Haunted House, in the form of a cat scratcher from Target. Made for cats, but boy do rabbits get their fill of fun too! I put a blanket on the bottom to protect my Butter’s sensitive feet but the boys enjoy doing bunstruction on the walls. They expanded the window and are adding in some new ones. I fully expect them to add another door. They are big fans of open-concept architecture!


Hoppy International Rabbit Day!

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Today is International Rabbit Day, which is also known as every day in my house! I base my schedules around these furry little guys and I wouldn’t have it any other way. So cuddle up with a rabbit and celebrate! Unless your rabbit is like my Butterscotch, who does not like cuddles from humans and prefers that you just admire him from afar. He’s so handsome that I don’t really mind.

Yesterday was my big girl Piper’s 3rd “Gotcha Day” Anniversary, as well as her litter-mate brother Mason’s. Today, their other two litter-mate sisters, Chloe and Portia finally went to their forever home. They all share a birthday and will now all have almost the exact same “Gotcha Day” too. Congrats girls!

My Fluffy Cameron

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“Cameron & Piper”

When my Cameron sheds, he gets a “saddle” line on his back. It’s interesting to see his fur change colors as he sheds. My other rabbits’ coats don’t look like that when they shed. Piper is just a big white fuzzball. His fur is so soft too, almost like velvet. He’s always a joy to pet. He doesn’t ask me to as much as now, as he has Piper to snuggle with. That’s fine with me, but he’ll always let me if I want to, and maybe toss a few hand-licks my way.

I mopped the floor yesterday so Piper was stuck in my room for a little while until the floor dried. She was not happy about losing her all-access-pass to the living room. As soon as I put the rugs back down in the hall, she zoomed into the living room, and promptly snuggled in and went to sleep under a big box. Girl knows her priorities!

Sharing the Living Room

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”

We rearranged the furniture in the living room and added some rugs. The buns are loving it! The morning and afternoon, Piper has access. Cameron too, but for some reason he never ventures out there. Then at dinner-time, Hershey and Butterscotch are allowed. Piper and Butters will only go on the rugs, but Hershey will hop around everywhere so he needs extra fences. He’s 8 and half years old, overweight, and a adorable Mini Rex, but he’s a fierce as a tiger. He always runs out in the living room hoping to meet up with Piper, but the fur would fly if I let that happen! Piper isn’t as enthused by other rabbits. She tolerates her little slave, Cameron, but that’s enough for her. Hershey and Butterscotch are more fond of other rabbits, certainly more than they are with humans.

Waiting for Dorian

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Hurricane Dorian has been approaching us for days now, but it feels like weeks! He’s finally supposed to arrive later today or tonight and our house is ready for him. Our hurricane shutters are up and we’ve got enough water for the humans rabbits for days if need be. If the current models are right, (even thought they shift every day) we should only get tropical storm force winds where we are.

The rain and thunder never bothers the rabbits in normal storms, but sometimes gusts of wind can unsettle them, especially my Butterscotch . It’s also noisier with the metal shutters and I imagine it will only get louder as the wind picks up. They’re on most of the windows in the house so it’s been pretty dark in here for a couple of days, even when the sun is shining outside. It has got to be confusing for them. In the morning, my Piper looks around the living room as if to say, “It’s been nighttime forever! When is the sun coming up?”

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