Going to the Bunny Dentist

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“Piper & Cameron”

Last week my Cameron had his molar spurs ground down. He’s the first rabbit I’ve ever had with tooth spurs and they weren’t even noticeable until his vet visit this past winter. This summer the vet said they needed to be ground down, and I did notice him eating his pellets and greens a little less. His poops were smaller too. Yes, I know the normal size of each of my rabbit’s poops. He was so mad at me for a couple of days for taking him to the vet, even though he was sedated for the procedure and it wasn’t painful. Now he can race Piper to the finish with their pellets again.

Healthy Ears!

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For the past couple of months my Butterscotch has had an ear infection / inflammation in his ear. He was finally cleared of that at the vet yesterday when the vet pulled a huge ball of wax out of his ear and could see that everything looked good. I don’t know who’s happier about not having to give him ear drops any more, him or me! He’s been a good boy through it, but he absolutely hated the drops. He’s still getting the Assisi loop, but we’re going to drop that to every other day and see if he’s still moving around as well.

Chillin’ in the Hall

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We recently redid the rugs in the hallway between bedrooms that Piper and Cameron hop through each day. It’s softer and provides more coverage over the tile floor, so the humans and rabbits are happier. Cameron used to run across the hall in a short burst because he wasn’t a fan of the rugs, but now he’ll hop around, explore, take his time, and even lie down for a nap in the middle of the hall.

My Big Guy

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“Piper & Butterscotch”

Late last week I lost my chocolate Mini Rex, Hershey. He started to have strained breathing so we rushed him to the vet. He had pneumonia and they were going to keep him overnight for observation, but he passed that evening in their care. I’m bringing my other three rabbits to the vet ASAP to get them examined, even though the vet didn’t think he was likely contagious.

Hershey’s bond-mate Butterscotch is taking it pretty well; he may have known he was sick before we did. We brought him to the vet to say goodbye the next day, and I’ve been encouraging our Piper to come over to visit his pen. I think they both like that. It’s probably the closest they’ve been to one another since Hershey usually put himself between them.

Hershey lived nearly nine and half years, and was a boss the entire time. He was the softest rabbit you’d ever met, but also the toughest. I feel so lucky that he was a part of my family. He was loved, and he knew it; he’ll be missed, and I’m sure he knew that too.

Hoppy Birthday Butterscotch!

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”


Today is my Butterscotch’s ninth birthday, and his first here in Florida. We had an ice cream cake to celebrate the day, and my Hershey tried to help himself to a piece. From his brother’s pellets to my ice cream, there is no food that little guy won’t try to steal. Fortunately I stopped him before he took a big, noticeable, bite from the end. The boys got to celebrate with a pellet/hay “cake” in the shape of a “9,” that I think they enjoyed just as much as the humans enjoyed the ice cream. Many happy returns to my sweet orange boy!

Assisi Loop Testing

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We recently started using an Assisi Loop on my Butterscotch’s back for his arthritis. He tolerates the treatment better than I thought, but it does require us to put him on the kitchen counter. He would run away on the floor. I just hold the loop over his back for the 15 minute treatment and the hardest part is keeping him entertained so he doesn’t get fussy. Sometimes alfalfa hay works, other times we get our girl Piper to come out where Butters can see her. He loves gazing at that beautiful girl.

I do think it’s helping as he’s been jumping into the regular litter box instead of using the cut down one considerably more than he used to. He’s getting it twice a day for 10 days, then once a day, and we’ll see when the vet says to drop it to every two days. It’s $270 per unit and they need to be replaced once the battery dies after 150 treatments, but if it works well for my boy, it’s worth it.

Bunny Boss Lady

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My big girl Piper may be the lady of the house, but she’s also the bunny-boss. Whenever is near feeding time, she always lets me know. If I dare to be a few minutes later than usual, she’s running around at my feet, encouraging me to get a move on! Heaven forbid they eat a little bit late. It’s not as though she’s going to miss a meal with that kind of prompting. None of the bunnies in the house need worry that they won’t get fed with my little furry alarm clock on the job!

Hershey, the Genius

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Of my four current rabbits, my oldest, Hershey, is the smartest (but don’t tell the other three I said that). He’s also the most overweight, but that is related to his intelligence as well. He’s got the tiniest ears, but if he even thinks that he hears his brother crunching down on some food, he immediately heads over to see what he’s got. It’s harder to trick a smart rabbit, and misdirection with hay and petting may work for some, but not with Hershey. He always knows when it’s time to be fed, and waits at the gate for me to arrive with his meals. His memory is also great for a nine-year-old rabbit. I only have to do something two times and he remembers and expects me to do the same thing at the same time, every day. A smarter rabbit may be a more demanding pet, but when I talk to him, he sits there and listens, as if he understands. Or he might just be asleep, but he is pretending to be listening.

Hoppy Birthday Cameron!

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“Cameron & Piper”

Today is my little guy Cameron’s fourth birthday. We celebrated with the usual bunny treats for the rabbits and cake for the humans in the family. This week is also the first time since the space shuttle that the US is launching astronauts into space. It will be our first manned launch since moving to the Space Coast so everyone is very excited. The rabbits, maybe less so that the humans, but they did enjoy the bunny treats at Cameron’s party. Cameron’s middle name is Cosmos, so a space-themed birthday party is very apropos for him. Happy Birthday to my sweet little guy, may your day be as sweet as that cake is!


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“Hershey & Butterscotch”

We had a loud thunderstorm here a few nights ago, and storms are sometimes more aggressive here in Florida. There was one crack of thunder that even I jumped at. My Butterscotch thumped at that one, but was okay for the rest of the storm. I don’t think the other bunnies even minded the thunder at all. Butters is the most sensitive of my four buns, and I always check on him first when there’s a loud noise in the house. Piper has the biggest ears, and hears the best, but Butters seems to get the most upset. Fortunately he’s got his big brother, Hershey, to comfort him. Nothing fazes Hershey, he’s our little Kronenbun rock.

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