Share the Couch!

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I was lying down on the couch last night for a bit, and Rusty startled me by jumping right onto my throat. At least it wasn’t my face, and fortunately he’s a small guy. He hopped down the length of my body before jumping down onto the floor at my feet. Then, he jumped back up and I tried to pet him. He was not interested though and jumped down after he was done exploring again. I guess he thinks that couch isn’t big enough for two!


Bunny Jungle Gym

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Rusty bunny is visiting for the weekend. He’s a total couch-bunny and loves to sit up there all evening and be petted. Last night he was a bit more interested in exploring, but that’s fine too. I’m used to being used as a jungle gym for rabbits!

The Big Shed

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I had a big grooming session over the weekend. My foster bun Cameron is in the middle of a big shed right now. He started shedding in the middle of his back and has a shed line going out in a circle. His head is shedding too, starting at his forehead. I had him up on the kitchen counter for around 20 minutes plucking out the shedded fur. He was a very good boy throughout, just sitting there, waiting. He got some raisins at the end for being so good. I also groomed my Piper, and boy does she not like it!

Cameron *Hearts* Lola

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This morning when I opened up the cardboard “shutters” that I put up at night between the rabbits, my foster Cameron became very excited. I think he liked seeing Lola. She’s a very pretty girl! He was digging at the bumpers in his pen and biting on the fence, which he usually doesn’t do. I don’t usually let him out his pen until the evening when someone is around to monitor him, because he has some balance issues. Today I decided to let him out for the whole day. I figured after he ran around for a while he would settle in one spot and go to sleep for the day. He eventually did, behind the couch.

Gimme Another Drink!

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Lola bunny is a heavy drinker, of water! Some buns seem to drink more water than others. Sometimes it has to do with how much greens vs. hay they eat. It can also be indicative of a medical issue. My Charlie is a pretty good drinker and he has kidney issues. He always likes his water topped off with fresh, cold water every night. Something you have to watch out for with heavy drinkers, is that what goes in, must come out! That can make for more soaked litter boxes. That’s why I prefer wood pellets over newspaper. It’s more absorbent so I don’t have to clean boxes as often.

A Bunny with a Pig

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Lola is a happy-go-lucky bunny. She likes to flop down in the middle of the floor and cuddle with her stuffed animals. Ever seen a bunny who has a pet pig? Lola does! Stella bunny was nudging me last night for petting. There’s a lot of buns in the house right now and Stella doesn’t like to share attention. “Pet me now, human!”

Thudding Runs

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Lola bunny is visiting us again. She’s such a bundle of energy. She started doing bunny runs immediately after arriving. The lops seem to have a little more “junk in the trunk” so that makes for extra noisy thuds as her little (or not so little!) feet thunder across her pen. All the boys downstairs took notice that a girl was in town!

Places to Sleep Behind and Under

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Stella bun’s visit with us had to be extended a few days, but he’s such a sweetie that we don’t mind. Cameron has been having fun snuggling at the fence with him, so he’ll be glad. I have to squish his pen a bit to fit another rabbit, but he’ll still get a couch to sleep behind and a table to sleep under. That’s all a rabbit really needs, places to sleep behind and under! And maybe a few treats.

Digging the Way to Freedom

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Every day I open up a cardboard “window” between Butterscotch and Mr. Stella’s pens. Stella doesn’t really care, but Butterscotch always comes running over to the fence. He usually starts digging at the blanket on the floor, since all bunnies know that digging is the best way to get anywhere. Unfortunately for him, and fortunately for me, he can’t dig through the carpeted floor, so the most he can do is bunch up his blanket. I’m just happy he’s not biting lots of holes in it!

Breakfast in a Nook

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“Stella & Cameron”

This morning when I went to feed Mr. Stella his breakfast, he was sitting up on the coffee table in his pen, inside a turned over cardboard box. I keep a box up there as a laptop stand when I’m in the pen, but turn it over at night so no bunny tries to do any acrobatics off of it. Stella apparently thought this was a nice place to hang out, likely as it was less slippery than the rest of the table. He was happy to come down for his food though!

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