Bunnies at the Window

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“Butterscotch, Hershey & Glenda”

My boys are both so happy to have Glenda here. They both spend most of the day under the coffee table where they have a good view of Glenda. She likes to lay next to the fence too. I close up the window at night to give them some privacy, and this morning Glenda was sitting at the fence, waiting. She’s pretty savvy abd learns fast!

Glenda the Good Returns

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Glenda bunny arrived yesterday for a week-long stay at Kamp Kronenberg. She’s such a sweet bun and always a joy to have here. My boys know her well so they’re always well-behaved when she comes. We had some snuggles after dinner last night and she even let me groom her a little, which isn’t easy with her. She’s got a great appetite though, eating everything I put down her. I gave her a slice of banana when I was mixing some with my Charlie’s antibiotic and she grabbed it out of my hand and took off behind the couch to chow down. “No bunny’s gonna get this banana from me!”

A Rescue and a Recognition

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“Duffy’s Rescue Party”

We were finally able to rescue that sweet little bun in Melville earlier this week thanks to help of 12 volunteers and locals. It’s a boy! He is with his foster family now and they are calling him Duffy. He seems healthy and is set to be neutered next week. This rescue was quite a story, which I’ll blog about in more detail once Duffy has been to the vet and is ready for adoption. I don’t know who is more relieved that he’s safe now, me or Duffy!


This week I also found that Bel-Rea, one of the largest Vet Tech Schools in the country named the Rabbit Rabble as one of their Top 25 Small Animal blogs of 2017! I am thrilled that students are reading my blog and that my musing about bunnies might help future vet techs working with rabbits. I’m all about educating and spreading rabbit knowledge to help bunnies, (and their human friends) everywhere. Thank you Bel-Rea and my bunnies thank you too!

Bunny-Mamma to the Rescue!

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This past week has been crazy for this bunny mama! Last Wednesday I helped to catch a dumped rabbit just a few blocks from my house. We named her Mirabelle, after the street she was found on. Several of the neighbors in the area had seen her and had been feeding her for several weeks or months. She’s a very sweet bun will hopefully be adopted soon!

I’m also in the middle of another catch of an abandoned rabbit in Melville this week. We attempted yesterday but were unsuccessful. Hopefully we’ll have more luck tomorrow.

My Charlie had a checkup at the vet to make sure nothing was causing his drop in appetite and slight weight loss. Seems as though it’s just his age catching up with him. He’s only lost a couple of ounces so I’m not worrying yet. He did have slightly elevated creatinine in his blood work, so the vet suggested I decreased his Metacam to 3 times a week and see how he tolerates it. I’m going to give him cranberry juice in a syringe the other 4 days so he doesn’t hate me outright for taking away his yummy medicine.

In the middle of all of this, my Butterscotch had another bout of stasis, but he seems completely recovered now. He’s incredibly difficult to medicate, but fortunately he takes Reglan in a little dish. He gets that for 2 days after he starts feeling better and having to pick him up to give it to him would cause too much stress for human and bunny alike!


Springtime Shedding

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“Charlie & Piper”

My big girl Piper is in the middle of a super-shed right now. I guess she’s getting ready for spring! She’s a New Zealand, so there’s certainly a lot of her to shed and I’m always careful not to let her mate, Charlie, ingest it all while grooming her. He’s a dwarf so that would be far too much fur for his GI system to handle. I can usually take a few handfuls off by raking my fingers along her back, but for a productive grooming session, I need to get her off of the floor where she can’t run away. I wait until she hops into her litter box and then I quickly pick up the box, bunny included, and put it down on a high table or counter top. There are plenty of treats throughout the grooming to placate her, but I know she’s going to be flicking her heels at me the moment I put the litter box back on the ground. Fortunately, she doesn’t hold a grudge for long and is back to her happy-go-lucky self in mere moments.

Mamma’s Home!

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“Charlie & Piper”

My mom was away for several days this week, and when she came home yesterday, my Piper was a little upset. She started thumping when she heard her voice from across the hall. I guess she’d gotten used to her not being around and was startled to see her again. Charlie is totally used to people coming and going at this point and didn’t even seem to notice that she was gone or that she was back.

Stella bun is getting ready to go home today, but hopped up the top of the couch last night for the first (that I know of) time. She has been spotted on the couch, but only when I’m not in the pen with her. She’s s big girl, so she’s certainly capable, but like most bunnies, she’s happier on the ground.

Litter Box Theater

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Stella bunny’s stay here at Kamp Kronenberg will soon be at an end. My boys will be so sad to see her go. Butterscotch even got a little face-time in with her. Unfortunately the “window” between pens is where Stella’s litter box is, so she’s got an audience whenever she goes to the bathroom. I don’t think she minds though as she frequently turns around to face my boys and say hello. She is a little raised up, so it’s almost she’s on stage, greeting her adoring public. She certainly likes to be the center of attention. Even my Charlie and Piper can see her from upstairs, and it’s not often that my Piper can see a bun bigger than she is!

Arrangements with Rabbits

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Stella has taken to nibbling on my foot when I sit in her pen. She likes to lay on a shelf under a table, and I like to put my feet there. I don’t know if she’s trying to tell my that my feet aren’t welcome or if she wants me to pet her, so I usually just pet her and she lets my feet stay there. It’s a nice little arrangement!


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When I went into Stella’s pen yesterday to visit her, she ran over to me, as per usual, and was begging for treats. I didn’t have anything so I just pet her head. She responded by dropping down to the floor for a snuggle with my foot, or rather on top of my foot. She didn’t seem to mind that it was under her, and it meant I had to stay put and keep petting her!

A Good Grooming

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Lately Stella has been licking my hand, wrist ankles. Are we such good friends now, or do I just taste really good? I probably just had some fruit residue left on my hands! She let me groom for a while and was so well-behaved. My own big girl hates when I try to groom off loose fur, but Stella was as good about it as my Charlie, and she doesn’t even know me that well!  She’s just a big sweetie.

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