Welcome New Kronenbuns

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“Bella & Charlie”

Well, we’ve been thinking about it for a while now, but we’ve finally decided to keep our foster buns, Hershey and Butterscotch, and officially adopt them. They’re officially Kronen-buns now and their big brother Charlie and big sister Bella welcome them to the house! Now I’ve got a super soft Mini Rex, and the colorful Harlequin all my own. Having four bunnies full time will mean more work, and sometimes less room for bunny-sitting, but I know I’ll be happy having 4 little fuzzies to snuggle with. At first Butters and Hershey didn’t really like petting, but lately they’ve been warming up to me. I think Butters is still a bit skittish, but Hershey snuggles in and purrs when I pet. He’s so soft, I don’t know which of us is enjoying it more!


Bunny Looking for A New Home

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bun 2


I’m posting this on behalf of a friend:

This beautiful black bun is looking for a new home. Her current family are going through a crisis and are crushed that will not be able to keep her, but want to find a good place for her.

Her name is Esther and she is around 5 years old

Please contact rbaugh550@gmail.com or 631 522 5144 with inquiries or questions.

Thank you!!

Adopt Hershey and Butterscotch

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I’ve mentioned it before, but here’s the official info about adopting my foster buns:

Adopt Us Banner

Hershey(M) and Butterscotch(M) are just as sweet as their names imply. Hershey is a 3-year-old ultra-soft chocolate-colored Mini Rex, and Butterscotch is a 2-year-old orange and black mix. Both boys are a little shy at first but extremely curious. Once they get comfortable they love petting and cuddling. Both boys are neutered, have great litter habits, and are utterly inseparable. The dessert brothers are looking for a forever home that has plenty of room for them to practice their favorite pastime: running. They must be housed in a large pen with soft blankets for Hershey’s sensitive feet. Both boys must be adopted together and a visit to your home is required. Get in touch to set up a meeting with the boys!

Email: kronenberg12@gmail.com








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