Just keep staring, just keep staring…

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For 20 minutes straight Bella sat in a corner and stared at the sight in front of her. She can see a bit under my bed and she must have been trying to figure out how she could get under there.

For my constant-mover to be sitting still for so long (awake!) was a marvel. We all had to take a look at her, even Charlie came over to see what was going on. It was a lot funnier than it must have seemed to Bella!

Of course, now I have to worry that she might ACTUALLY get under there.

Bunny Sleepover

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Every night, usually by 11:30, Bella heads to her room to go to bed. A few times she’s stayed with Charlie longer, but always eventually went home. Last night she decided that she was not going to leave. I gave her ample opportunity, but she stayed put and had a sleepover. The two behaved very well until 8 in the morning when I awoke to Bella scratching at my door. I let her out and she and Charlie ran back and forth across the hall before they both settled in her room and mom shut the door. Still, it’s good to know that she can handle spending the night in our room (and me too!)


Stop! Bunny Time!

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Bella's baby

I think I’ve got the rabbit routine for the evening memorized now. After their after-dinner-snack, the twosome lounge in mom’s room for awhile before joining me in my room. Then at 8:30 at least one of them heads back to see if the other will feed them early. Wherever they do get fed (at 9!) they typically stay until 10:30. They seem to work in couple hour cycles.

Bella seems to stick to the schedule even more than Charlie. Lately she hasn’t wanted wanted to go to bed at 11 and if she’s in my room, she’s staying put. But, every single night, by 11:45 latest, she gets up, and bolts to mom’s door and bites it open. I guess she knows it’s bedtime.

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“Charlie came up on the bed after 4 because of the storm. It was very loud and windy and then the power went out at 4:30. I was in total darkness and I think Charlie was in the hall. It came back on quickly and I went to get him but he was stiff with fear. I got him back into the room with blueberries but I had to pet him and talk to him for a while until he calmed down enough to eat some pellets. He also kept looking out the door, so I closed it up and he seemed happier.

Charlie came out into his carrier when I first set it up, but if I don’t get there in a few minutes, he leaves and then I have trouble getting him out of my room/ I left him alone for awhile and eventually he came back out. He’s learning and I’m finally wearing him down some. He checked everything out downstairs since it is different for Christmas. He even tried to eat a tree branch. Nanny almost hit him with her chair, we’ll have to really watch her when he’s down there.”

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“Charlie didn’t get me up until 7:30 this morning!! And he did it by jumping up on me and running up my body to my face. Then he came up an hour later and went in the headboard. Later he got stuck in Jason’s room somehow. Mom found him, but he didn’t seem that upset. He did eat some carpet in there though, maybe trying to get out. We put my other slipper there to prevent the door from closing him in.

We were low on food again so I gave Charlie lettuce. He seemed to like it, so good in a pinch. They had good radishes today and the woman there knows us now and asks if the food is for our rabbit. I also think I’ve bee portioning out his food wrong, as I’ve changed the system to bags by the day and not the type of green.

I put the towel from mom’s room in mine under my bed garbage and he played with it a bit. Maybe he’ll like it there.”

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Charlie went to bed late last night, a bit before I did and didn’t get me up until 6:30. When I came home from school bunny sat by his dishes again. He was hungry, so I had to feed him. Can’t say no to a bunny. He fell asleep twice in his litter box. It was cold and dark and his light was on and I wonder if he lies there for warmth. I went over to the fridge to get his food ready and he came running, so I had to give him something. He stayed up again late tonight and ran up onto my bed. I got him to go onto the headboard where I made an area for him and gave him a stick to chew. He checked that out for awhile.

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“Charlie decided to hop on my bed several times this morning. He hopped on me, on my pillow, and even on my head. He periscoped too. This would have all been cute if he hadn’t also bit several holes in my winter quilt. I don’t know why he is doing that. Does he want me to get up? Does he like the fabric?

He was waiting in the hall for me when I got home from school today. Aww! I took a nap but I put my blue cushion on the floor for him to chew on, which he did. Then after dinner he was laying down in the hall waiting for me. When mom came in and he was fussy, she danced around him, but he still jumped at her. So then I started dancing too and he was so confused that he ran under my dresser.

I tried to get some fur off with the roller, but once i got a sheet on him, he ran away and it took a while for me to get a corner, which he promptly ran away from, tearing out his fur. Then, later I got one just barely on the other side, and it scared him so much. He ran from my room’s to mom’s. Back and forth till I closed him in mom’s room and jason got off the paper. Poor bunny sat still for like 10 mins before he calmed down. We even gave him raisins and alfalfa hay. I guess I can’t do that anymore. He doesn’t hold a grudge though.”

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“So after getting me up for breakfast, Charlie came up on the bed again at 8. He hopped all the way up to my pillow and onto it, twice. I guess he was telling me it was time to get up. He let me pet him briefly, but did not sit down. He also bit or scratched holes into my quilt. I’ll have to patch those.

So mom fed him his dinner at 2pm. Yeah. He sorta of ate it. He did a binky on my bed in the evening. It was loud, he really bounced on the bed. Then we changed the quilt and he had to sniff all over the new one. He tried to scratch at it, but this one is stronger.”

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Mom pretended to groom herself today and that seemed to calm him down some. Charlie got up when I went to bed at 2:45 and laid down under my chair. Then he got me up again at 3:15. Once again he was waiting for me under the dresser when I get out of the shower. He’s totally got fluffies. Shed is underway. He did some wild bunny runs tonight. He pushed mom’s door open just enough for him to fit, and then turned around and ran in there! I was lying on the bed and he hopped up twice but didn’t stick around for very long. He let me pluck his bottom for awhile. He’s still fuzzy back there.

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So Charlie likes to hop onto the pillow now and wait for me to actually put the food in the bowl before he’s willing to jump off the bed. Determined little guy. He’s learned that thudding his bowl gets him more food too. And I’ve learned that he goes to bed after he gets his snack at night, so I can manipulate when he goes to sleep. He got bored tonight and was on the prowl for fun. I spent some time with him between working. Jason and I named his speeds, hock 1, 2, and 3. Mom even gave him his apple, and it actually worked out pretty well. I think she’s finally learning at the same rate as him. I let him nibble on a reeses since he seemed to want it. So cute, but not good for him. Just a special treat while he’s young and hardy.

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