Goodbye My Baby Girl

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“Bella Leche”

My Bella Leche had been sick for about a week now and despite our great vets and our round-the-clock care, she passed away this afternoon at the vet. Her mate Charlie seemed to know so I don’t think he’s taking it too hard. We’re there for each other now, and my boys downstairs may come up to visit with Charlie. We all loved Bella very much and I know she made our lives better, more interesting and even a little crazier for having known her. I’m so glad you were my bunny.


Hoppy Birthday Charlie!

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Today was my little Charlie’s 7th birthday! We had a little party for him today, which consisted of a few snacks on a tray. He pigged out at the party, and then went under the dresser with Bella, signalling that it was time for all the guests to leave. Bella nibbled on the snacks as well, and even tried to take a bite out of a candle on the cake. And that is why I only leave the cake on the floor for a few, supervised, minutes.

And here’s a gif of my baby girl giving her man some birthday kisses!


Water Snuggles

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Our visitors Jasper and Molly went home this morning and we miss them already! Last night we watched Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and I realized it was very apropo since Jasper is a big white bunny with a beautiful wife too!

It was a little warmer earlier in the day so I gave the buns a frozen water bottle. Jasper wasn’t interested, but Molly snuggled with it, even after the room had cooled down from the air conditioner. So cute. Not to be outdone, Jasper had a snuggle with the water bowl and took a big long drink. His chin got all wet, but he didn’t care!

Upstairs, my Charlie and Bella were jockying for position at the water bowl. This often happens as one comes to drink and then the other decides, “that’s a great idea!” They were ducking their heads below one another to get a drink. You’d think it was a sugary drink the way they fight for it.


Litter Box Sharing

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“Jasper & Molly”


I nearly sat in Jasper and Molly’s litter box while petting them yesterday. I was crouching down and the box was right behind me. Oops! Jasper looked at me as if to say,”Let me know when you’re done. I gotta use that!” I pet Annie for a long time last night. I also saw her dreaming and her face was making little twitches. Bunnies dreaming is always adorable.

My Butterscotch is doing this new thing when someone comes to pet him. He comes over in case they have food for him, then stealthily ducks his head away from actually being petted. Sneaky little boy. I didn’t know there was a toll for petting!

We gave my Bella a butt bath yesterday, and boy did she splash about. Her bottom has been getting a bit messy lately. It might be from the iron supplement she was getting every day, or from greens now that’s she’s eating better. We’re cutting back to every other day on the iron and I’m cutting down on greens as well. I want her to focus on pellets anyway since that’s what will put weight on her.

Seven Lucky Rabbits

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“Jasper & Molly”



I don’t think Jasper and Molly really minded that they got a new roommate, but my boys were certainly interested. Hershey spent most of the day yesterday at the fence right next to Annie’s pen. I hope you said nice things to her boy!

Annie slept most of the afternoon, but woke up in the evening and did a few laps around her pen. Gotta get in that exercise! After that quick burst of energy she took a nap under the end table.

Good news about my Bella, she’s gaining weight. After starting the appetite stimulant again she’s gained several ounces and is back to her March weight. Pellets are flying out of the bowls and that also means more poops on the floor. Oh well, it’s worth it.

Couch-Bunny Snuggle-Time!

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Cheeks spent a lot of time relaxing yesterday. She’s certainly having a good time. Everyone in the house comes over to pet her and she puts her head right down. She came up on the couch with me in the evening and I pet her for long time.

She sees the other bunnies getting pellets twice a day so I’ve been giving her a scoop in the morning and the evening. She’s certainly not overweight and is very active, so I don’t think it will be a problem for her. Girl could use a little more muscle on her bones for all that digging she does!

Station was running around his pen in the afternoon. Cheeks even came over to see the commotion. He came over and nudged me a few times and even gave my ankle a lick.

My Bella had another vet appointment yesterday. She’s doing pretty well. The vet gave us an appetite stimulant which she gobbled up in a piece of banana. Then just a couple hours later she was chowing down on greens, treats and veggies. Seems like that may have done the trick! We also finished her course of antibiotics, and I know those can upset human tummies, so she may feel better without that in her system too.

Tufts of Fur and Vibrating Feet

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“Butterscotch & Hershey”


Butterscotch and Hershey are both shedding quite a bit. They’re looking pretty shaggy. Butters looks like a mad scientist with his unkempt fur.

I’ve noticed a certain difference in authority with Hershey. When my mom tells him to stop eating Butters’ pellets, he stops. When I do it, he just barges on over and keeps chowing down. Huh? So she’s the alpha bun—what am I then? Just the maid?

We’re on the last leg of Bella’s antibiotic. I don’t know who will be the happiest when it’s through. The girl still knows how to relax though. She plops her head down on the floor and stretches her feet out till she’s comfy. Often when she stretches her leg, it rattles up against something, and my brother says her feet are “on vibrate.”

Cherry Flavored Dandelions

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My Bella had a recheck at the vet this week and it seems like whatever was in her lungs is getting smaller, so hopefully it was just an infection. We still have to give her the antibiotic for another 2 weeks (!) which she, and we, are NOT happy about. It’s cherry flavored (yes I tasted it, and it’s not the first rabbit med I’ve tasted) so you’d think she would gulp it down, but no. She doesn’t like being picked up every day, but I don’t think she hates us for it.

I’ve started giving her fresh dandelions from the yard, and she always gobbles those down. I just have to keep them away from her mate Charlie since he can’t have them for the calcium. I think she missed those when I took them out of their food, so she gets them sneaked to her now. Wish I could just let her run around in the yard and munch on all she wanted.

We got some fresh timothy hay that came from Canada and boy do all the bunnies love it. Charlie and Bella are spending more time in the litter box to munch on it, and Hershey and Butterscotch are snatching it up like it’s a treat. There’s some clover in it, but not a lot. I guess it’s just very tasty!

Open Wide, Here Comes the Airplane!

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“Bella Leche”

We don’t have any visitors at Kamp Kronenberg for a week, which is nice because I’m spending more time my own buns. My only girl, Bella Leche, hasn’t been eating as much lately so we took her to the vet and it seems as though she may have an infection in her lungs. Could be that, or something else, it’s hard to tell with bunnies. While we’re treating her we have to give her Critical Care supplements to get all the nutrients she’s missing out on into her. It’s my first time giving Critical Care, and Bella is NOT happy about it. It’s like feeding a baby. I keep getting blocked by a closed mouth and we’re all messy at the end of it. She seems to like singing during it though. She has been eating a little more greens the past couple days, but may also be getting full from the Critical Care. Hopefully my baby girl will get better soon!

Bottle Service and Fruit Boredom

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The ultimate in bunny convenience: bottle service. No need to get up when you’re feeling parched, simply tilt your head skyward and take a sip! Misty must have been feeling particularly comfortable last night because she didn’t even sit up to take a drink. Must be nice!

Lately my Bella hasn’t been wanting to eat her banana vitamins or even finish an entire slice. I guess she’s gotten tired of it, that happens with buns and their food sometimes. She still had to get the glucosamine for her arthritis though, so I switched to a different fruit. Now she’s getting glucosamine coated raisins and she gobbles them down.

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